Saturday, April 12, 2014

its going down

Its going down prt. 1

Gage had a friend. He wanted to believe. Holden ended up at the deli too, and his friendship did make the time go faster.

He went to the pizza dough machine to watch the dough churn in progress. Soon they'd have dough in the shells. Gage and Holden would work side by side putting on toppings.

"Dude," Gage remembered. "There is this party." He grinned.

"I dunno." Holden was holding back something.

"What? You, got back with that Syreeta chick, or something?" Gage glared at him as if that wasn't possible. She was with some black kid now.... with the wild hair. He'd heard rumor the Freshman was a drug dealer, but Gage knew for a fact, he could find drugs quicker, any minute, than this poser who probably was just a nerd at heart.

"No. I don't think so." Holden shook his head in his hideous hair net. Honestly, he didn't look like he could ever be a babe magnet. Somebody was gonna have to be on a lot of something to get it on with him, but Gage supposed he didn't look much better. "I'm past that. I just thought, you know, me and the preacher's daughter had something going."

Holden did look quite sad as he told Gage about Essie giving him the cold shoulder.

"Oh." Gage didn't dare go with the fact that his brother was seeing Holden's fading love. Evidently, she was pretty much Betty Crocker with Carson. No hanky panky to report. He knew he could spot Carson in a lie. He seemed all content going to church with her and all those projects.

"Look, dude, this is prime opportunity to find someone at this party. Hansen said I could tag along. Don't see why you couldn't be my plus one. Besides, I'm kind of, out of the running at the moment." Gage told Holden he was giving up girls for Lent.

"I didn't know you were Catholic." Holden looked at him puzzled as he was holding a piece of pepperoni he looked as if he could savor in his mouth.

"I'm not. Doesn't mean I can't do it, you know." He didn't feel it was right to talk about being a baby daddy. Besides, Halie wasn't exactly sharing much with him lately, but if she did call or write, he was always happy to hear from her.

"So, you wanna go?" Gage snatched the piece of pepperoni and ate it. No one would know.

Holden only shrugged indifferently. Gage took that as a yes.

Its going down prt. 2

Jane wasn't sure she even wanted to go to Aidan and Audrey's for dinner. After all, it would probably be take out that Audrey claimed she'd cooked. Audrey didn't really cook.

Jane was so close to telling Asa this, but he said they had a babysitter. The night was their's to enjoy. Maybe he knew something was up.


Even her mother showed up at Aidan and Audrey's. It was a small dinner party, even Asa's long time friend Edmond was there.

It really took Jane a bit of to what was actually going on. Audrey took her upstairs to show her the wedding gown.

"Now, it fit me. So I'm pretty sure it will fit you." Audrey beamed.

The dress was vintage. Jane couldn't get over how Audrey knew her and thought of her. Especially, for a wedding dress.

"Where in the world did you find it?" Jane couldn't believe this was happening. Of course, Audrey went over the details. How Aidan could handle the ceremony. It would be official. Right in the livingroom before dinner.

"I was at the local theater's thrift shop. This was one of the outfits that was a costume in a play. We can bring it back." Audrey.

"Oh."  Jane thought she might pass out with such sweet happiness. Perhaps she was in total shock, but she gave Audrey a hug. Jane never knew what a best friend Audrey could be until now.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Audrey's a great person to have on her team!


Anonymous said...

That Gage..he is something.

ivy said...

Poor Holden! Yeah for Jane and Audrey coming through for her!