Sunday, April 13, 2014

selfish much

Selfish Much

Sky didn't have much to bring with him. He was still in awe of the room that he could call his own. Of course, his roommates looked at him as if it couldn't be possible. Him moving so quickly, but he had a feeling they'd find someone to crash on the couch soon enough. Or maybe someone's girlfriend would move in. Somebody would be paying them rent in a week or two. It just wouldn't be him.

He put down his guitar and duffle bag. Tried out the old bed. It was firm. Just a little bit of a squeak. Of course, he'd get used to it.

Just then Mitch came to the door, his boyfriend hanging back.

"So what do you think?" Mitch wanted to know.

"Perfect." Sky smiled. He'd seen Derrick from time to time. Although, he was pretty sure Derrick didn't know him even if he should. He understood Derrick as a musician. Still, he guessed he should introduce himself. Maybe he'd remember battle of the bands from years past.

"Well, come and eat." Mitch motioned. No way could Sky pass up pot roast and real homemade rolls. He ate like he might be getting ready for a journey to the arctic. Before long he was smashing a roll in his mouth with butter and the roast on the roll. He even ate his carrots dripping in brown gravy along with spoon fulls of mashed potatoes.

"We were thinking we needed a new base player." Derrick said half way through dinner. He mentioned the guy who played with them would be working through the summer at camp.

"Hummm.." Sky contemplated this in thought. "Well, there's this long haired dude that's fantastic." He grinned then, remembering how he played in the parking lot on a cold fall night after a concert, last September where the locals played. "I bet he'd be perfect."

"But what about you?" Mitch looked at him as if this was the reason he was doing all this.

"I dunno. I don't really like audiences." He sighed. "I-I just like playing for myself."

The Evolution of Mitch


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Sky would give it a shot!


ivy said...

I want to know Sky's story.

Sara Gerard said...

I am excited for this new chapter in his life :)

MOSAMUSE said...

being selfish is one of the worst qualities