Monday, April 14, 2014

the long winter

The Long Winter

Vada had her first get together. Well, it was only a homemade pizza party. Henry's dad made homemade soda for everyone so they weren't out much. Although, Joel had decided they needed hot chocolate after he found the Keurig machine. He didn't seem all that bothered that his sister wasn't staying at Roman's at the moment.

"I guess she's OK with Greyson." Joel thought Grey was an OK guy. His parents let Nora have the guestroom.

"But what about you?" Vada winced with concern. "How do feel being their with Roman?"

"I dunno." He attacked the hot cocoa with the Ready Whip and handed her the mug. "We just don't talk. I don't really say anything to anyone."

She knew he'd never end up in Foster care. But he still must have felt lost.

"We'll try to hang out as much as possible." Vada shrugged. She knew she couldn't ask Henry's Dad to pick him up in the middle of the night. Besides, Joel was in a rich neighborhood. "Have you told your Mom or Dad about any of this?"

"I think Roman's parents called Mom, told her Nora was being difficult. Of course, her answer was, how about come to France. Don't think that was what Nora was going for."

"France." Vada sighed thinking that would never ever come up in her life. But she didn't really have to go to France, either. A part of her thought Joel's sister was really level headed, or was that what she wanted everyone to think?

Vada's Ready Whip mustache made Joel laugh. Of course, he took care of it.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

France is quite a ways away.


ivy said...

Oh, I do wonder if its true love for Vada and Joel.