Friday, May 9, 2014

Another bitter pill

Another Bitter Pill

"I KNEW IT!" Josie was about to explode when Vada told Dean and Josie the news at school. Josie couldn't let Dean go. She might as well have been super glued to him, lately. He was leaving for boot camp by the end of the month. "I knew this was going to happen."

"Well, don't look so happy about it, Josie." Dean looked down at her as if this was not a game show. "I'll talk to him." Dean sighed.

"God, I can't stand him." She'd written Gage off  long ago when he was so evil to her about Halie. But she hugged Dean more. She didn't want him to be mad at her. It was important they spent every moment together. She'd do her homework most nights at the library to be near him. They were only apart when she had to work. Josie was waiting for the moment they were really together. That still hadn't happened yet.

Josie hoped that changed on Prom night. She needed him. She wanted him to be her lover. Not just some high school boyfriend.

But she'd been careful to bring it up. He was always so busy with work or homework. Even going to meetings about the Army. It was never ending. Even when she was this close, she had to wonder if he was shutting her out. How could he do this? Now?

A part of her wondered if she was making over a statue. He was so stoic these days. Hardly cracked a smile. He was definitely all man. And a part of her thought he was getting too old to be a teenager, anymore. But she loved him. And she didn't want to think about him going off to war.

That's what he was doing.. in her eyes. He just wanted to get himself killed.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

He's definitely starting to worry me.


Sara Gerard said...

Geez, not sure if he is making the right decision.

ivy said...

I feel they are both on different paths. She has these romantic notions, but Dean has to think of his future on his own. He can't be in foster care forever. Josie needs to be more positive.