Saturday, May 10, 2014

a world inside a world

a world inside a world

Sky wasn't sure what Mitch was getting at. Sure he liked the room and he could pay the rent. He liked being here. Life wasn't forever evolving, like at the old apartment with new roommates to deal with and the fluctuation... as to where he might sleep.

Maybe there was a time he knew he didn't deserve better. He knew he could never go home. He couldn't face his mother anymore than she could face him. It would be a curse he'd have to contend with. And he had to wonder just why Mitch wanted him to move in. There must have been something he wanted from him.

"I can't play in your band." He felt half dizzy when he said it. He took a deep breath. "I..I did see that guy I mentioned to you. Other night. At this house party." He winced. Sky really didn't party. Although, Sky didn't drink and well, he was pretty much out of his element, but he'd came because Julie asked him.

"Who?" Mitch was in the middle of watching some animal show with Derrick on the couch. Sky hadn't meant to interrupt.

"Hansen..yeah, that's his name. We played a little. It was good." Sky smiled as if he found satisfaction in the smallest things. Even then, he felt just a little guilty. He went to the fridge to look for something to eat. All he could find was a wiener. He found a slice a bread and guessed he'd call that supper.

He didn't eat meat, but it wasn't because he didn't like it. He just couldn't afford it. He reached for the hot sauce on the counter and doused the fold over sandwich good. Took another bite. He went off to his room. Hopefully, no one knew he was a recluse. But he did like his solitude.

Sky peeled off his black work shoes and shucked his old biker's jacket that was once his grandfather's. He didn't have much, but he took it where ever he went. He finished up dinner, wishing he'd looked for something cold to drink.

He looked to see if there was some Power Aid. There was in the dresser with his magazines about heavy metal bands. He downed it quickly and went to look at some nonfiction crime story. It was about the Mafia. He couldn't tell you why he found it intriguing. It was just something he was into after watching the Godfather 97 times.

"Hansen plays the guitar?"

Sky woke up to Derrick's question.

"Huh?" Sky yawned.

"I work with him." Derrick looked perturbed. Mitch was in Sky's room too.

"Huh." Sky wondered how long he'd been asleep. "Maybe, you should call him." He didn't really want to talk about a band, nor even Hansen. He reached for his old cell that must have fell out on his bed earlier. He turned it on, to see if he should be charging it.

He winced when he saw a message from Dean.

Derrick and Mitch went on talking about Hansen and this little revelation that Sky brought to their attention.

He dialed Dean's number. It must be about a library shift. That was the only reason Dean would have called. Actually, Sky didn't do text. Not on his old tracphone. He might bust a brain cell while typing words together.

Luckily, Derrick and Mitch went back to the TV program.

"Hey." Sky finally said when Dean answered. "What's up?" Sky wondered if they needed to trade a night or weekend. Prom and Graduation were coming up. Sky had nothing going on.

"Its just..." He could tell Dean didn't want to talk about what was on his mind.

"Just what?" Sky couldn't imagine Dean wanting to talk. He was a really quiet guy. In fact, Sky liked that about him. Sky was pretty quiet himself.

" were the only one..I could think of." Dean went on to say.

"Look, I'll be glad to cover for you. Just tell me when."

"Yeah. Sure," Dean said. "Its not exactly about that."

"OK." Sky blew a breath. Dean sounded a little ominous. Sky wished he'd spill what was on his mind. Sky didn't know they were actually even friends..until now.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Sky will prove to be a good listener.


ivy said...

Oh..Dean really needs a good friend. I'm not so sure Gage is always there for him.