Sunday, May 11, 2014

Call me Crazy

Call Me Crazy

A part of Dean felt he was on auto-pilot. Maybe he didn't feel anything, anymore.

This was all he needed, a Gage problem. Well, it was Gage's problem. Gage and Halie's problem. What did Josie expect him to do?

It all felt so formal. Prom coming up. Then Graduation.

 She was furious that he didn't get any professional Graduation pictures done. He guessed, she liked having problems. Perhaps, it was just her way of not talking about what was really on her mind. Him going away. What was to become of them?

Actually, he didn't want to think about it. But, a part of him had too.

"I don't really know me..and maybe I don't know, you, all that well..either.." Dean was grasping at words now. Like he might be this old man, trying his best to see everything was in order..before the end. "Its just..I..I have this favor."

"A favor?" Sky sounded as if he might be smiling, like maybe Dean was asking him to pick up some Gummie Bears for him. "What kind of favor?"

"Its about Josie." Dean said so quickly.

"Who's that?" Sky shot back as if this was a trick question.

"You know...who she is.."

"Oh..that girl who hangs out with you."

"Yeah..that girl."

"Is she your girlfriend?"

"Yeah." It sounded so foreign hearing the question from Sky.

"You're not going to breakup with her, are you?" Sky asked.

Dean felt as if he might choke now. Was he?

"Um..I'm just wondering..if maybe could look out for her..while I'm gone." Dean managed as he shut his eyes tight as he paced in his bedroom. Alone with his Android phone.

"Well..that's..that's just so weird." Sky cracked a laugh. "Are you sure, about this?"

"Yeah." Dean felt so sad. He didn't want her to go off the deep end. "She might do something crazy."

"How crazy?" Sky sounded as if he knew crazy.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Crazy is a scary word sometimes.


ivy said...

Definitely..CRAZY can be a scary word.