Monday, May 12, 2014

it couldn't be like that

it couldn't be like that

Greyson had a certain someone on his mind these days, as of late. Nora, who was still at his house. She'd changed her schedule at school and started working at the bank.

Some how, she had it easier than most girls, he guessed. There was something trustworthy and beautiful about her. And he guessed he was her boyfriend.

Funny, it hadn't came up as a subject. Honestly, he felt as if she were  his princess, and he was there to make sure nothing would ever harm her. Plus he drove her to and from work. But he hoped that changed.

He and his dad found a car that needed a little fixing up. Of course, he wouldn't dare let her in on it until the four door Saturn had new tires and anything else he might not trust. Greyson spent a lot of time on the car.

Nora still had the guestroom. She was still not speaking to Roman and his parents, even if her brother Joel lived with them. And as becoming as this was he hadn't any idea what the summer might hold.

At the moment, he was only on autopilot at school until he bumped into Syreeta.

"Hey, how have you been?" He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen her. He hadn't meant to ignore her.

"Fine." She was straight lipped as if she knew she was an underclassman of some sort.

"Something's bound to be going on with you." Greyson smiled hoping to get a smile out of her. "How many boyfriends do you have now?" He asked if she was going to prom. She shook her head, no and hugged herself as if she really didn't have much to say to him.

"Sorry..if..." Greyson winced not wanting anyone to be mad at him. He got along with everyone. "if..I made you mad..its just..this..thing with" Actually, he didn't know what it was. He knew he had never felt this way about anyone quite like he did with Nora.

"Look, I get it." She looked up at him with an almost smile. "I know who you are. Don't worry about me. Its your sister you should be worried about." She pressed her lips tight as if she'd said too much.

"Caitlin? What did she do now?" Greyson squinted as if he knew she was usually up to NO GOOD, but then she'd never done anything exactly awful. She was Caitlin who found everything to be a laugh.

"I think she's on drugs." Syreeta sucked in a breath.

"Drugs?" Greyson shook his head. "She just wants, you to think that."

Syreeta only nodded and said nothing more.

Sometimes, Greyson wondered if he was adopted. No, maybe it was Caitlin who was adopted. It was true, she always got what she wanted. Sometimes, he wondered if she even knew what she wanted.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Syreeta isn't right.


Sara Gerard said...

Even if Syreeta is wrong, it might be worth looking into.