Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Its where the heart is

Its where the heart is

Ian couldn't tell Oliver what to do. Although, he was very happy to see him, and of course, Avery.

It was exciting to see how much she'd grown. He was happy to see her with Oliver. Perhaps, it was bittersweet, but he felt closer to home.

"Well, Audrey seems to think Kayla's seeing someone." Oliver finally got to the jest of it while he was telling Ian and Jema all about the nonsense with Kayla wanting them to go Vegan. "Here, I was trying to jump through hoops for her, depriving Avery from what ever she wanted for this expensive food Avery wouldn't have..and then this.." Oliver looked as if he might be in a melt down, himself.

"Who is he?" Ian wanted to know.

"Oh, I dunno. They hardly met each other at Christmas. Who knew it could turn into something like this?" He looked so pained. He hadn't even taken a call from Kayla. "I'm just not good at this..OK." He was on the brink of tears.

"But you're a great dad." Ian told him. He knew now he could live with Oliver close.

"Evidently, a rotten husband." Tears welled in his eyes, and Ian consoled him the best he could.

"Its not you." Ian shook his head. "It isn't."

"But what do I do?" Oliver was a wreck as he sniffed more tears.

"Maybe, you should stay." Jema spoke up as she brought out afternoon tea. Avery went for the short breads and some milked tea.

"But the shop..its doing so well..and.."

"But Oliver, do, you, ever get a break?" Ian reminded him a vacation was in order.

"Its all right." Oliver shrugged as if the bakery was all he knew and Avery were his life. He couldn't think of moving back  to the village, as he recalled.. he'd worked two jobs and that still wasn't enough to move from his Great Aunt's row house. Since then Ian and Jema moved into it. Their Aunt had moved into a nursing home.

"Well, you need a holiday. Maybe we can take a trip to the boardwalk. " Ian sighed as if Oliver really did need to be away from Kayla for awhile. "I just want, you be happy."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ian's right - Oliver needs some time off.


ivy said...

I feel bad for Oliver. I would want to keep Avery with me..if I were Ian, but I can see he does love his brother.

deb said...

I think Oliver has been working too hard.