Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More than a spot of tea

more than a spot of tea

Garvin supposed he wandered in at the wrong time. When Kayla didn't show up in Chicago, he got worried and took the train to Omaha and ended up at Ruben's place.

"You, can't get involved like this." His brother Ruben warned. "She's a married woman."

Of course, that didn't stop Garvin who showed up at the hospital. It was an accident he'd found out about Kayla. It wasn't like anyone shared the information with him. He overheard some of the clerks talking about it at the library where Kayla worked.  Naturally, her sister Audrey would be the first one to butt in.

"You, shouldn't be here." Audrey informed him. There was more to it than Kayla's asthma attack.

"Why is everyone making this so hard!" Garvin tensed. After all, he genuinely did care about Kayla.

"She's pregnant."  Audrey hugged herself as if there was no mistake. She stared him down.

"OK." Now Garvin was backing away. "I had nothing to do..." He shook his head, thinking maybe his brother was right. "But is she OK?"

"For now." Audrey blamed Garvin for Oliver taking Avery to England.

Garvin didn't want to believe any of this was his fault.

"Look, I'm..I'm only Kayla's friend." Garvin felt the need to be here. What was the harm in wanting to talk to her? He was going to see to Kayla or else, but the moment she saw him she broke down in tears, there in the hospital bed where she was still under observation.

Garvin couldn't understand a thing she said. But he knew she was upset, and he held her hand.

"I really wanted to be there, for you." He finally made out. He assured her it was no trouble. "But..then this happened."

"Oh." He was quite sure it wasn't the immaculate conception, even if she assured him that she thought about him all the time.

"You're not mad at me, are you?" She sounded as if she could hardly breathe.

"Heaven's sakes, no." He did his best to smile through this small catastrophe.

She bit her upper lip as if this was so frustrating.

He did wonder if she even found any joy in being a Mom, and a bit of him was disappointed. He'd thought her braver, somehow. Maybe more like her sister.

"You, really need to sort this." Garvin advised. Of course, he knew it might be hard to fade away from the problem. Maybe he'd made friends with the wrong person. Garvin felt he should be on Oliver's side in all this. "You know, go to Oliver."

"But I can't," Kayla's little wail of suffering almost made Garvin jump. "He's in England."

"I'm sure he'll come home, as soon as he finds out about the baby." Garvin smiled as if his work was done. He hoped.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Oliver comes through.


ivy said...

I hope Garvin is right. I kind of like the guy, actually.

deb said...

Kayla is something.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, so much going on!