Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't you know?

Love Triangle

Caitlin was quite possibly the Miley Cyrus of all virgins, but she was one. Still. Didn't that count for something?

Yes, she was going to prom with Roman. There was something to be said about that. Although, she really didn't. She was still a little shocked over the fact. Obviously, she did know how to make him happy.

"But, I thought it was just you and me?" Jen, her best friend ever, looked as if she was coming down with something when she heard the news. "What's going on with you and theater geek?"

"Don't call him that." They were at school. Still in their cheerleading outfits like everyday, even if they didn't have a pep rally to go too. It was their uniform. As if they were on a catwalk of some kind, Caitlin was sure everyone must want one, but nobody could exactly wear the outfit as good as either of them.

"But I thought you were going with Jared." He was a friend of her brother's and on the football team.

"That was so yesterday." Caitlin pursed her lips. Besides, she felt she'd caught Roman all on her own. "Why can't you be happy for me?"

Don't You Know prt. 2

Jen was in a pout. They were to go with Jared and Kenny (Jen's date). There was a limo and a lot more in store for the night.

"But, you just..can't.." Jen didn't even have the energy to finish the sentence. It was all Caitlin's doing. She didn't want to be stuck with two guys at prom. Besides, did Caitlin have any idea how upset she'd made Jared.

Actually, it was Jen who was upset with Caitlin. They were far more than best friends. Jen still didn't know if Caitlin would get it. And this wasn't the place nor the time to discuss it with her.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a bizarre sitch - I hope they can make the best of it!!


Sara Gerard said...

Wow, so much awkwardness to muddle through here!

ivy said...

Oh, I hope Caitlin figures out soon that Jen has feelings for her.

Anonymous said...

Jen really needs to talk to Caitlin about her feelings.