Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting started

getting started

Holden still couldn't see why Matti would like him. It wasn't like he was with her like he was with other girls.

OK, she was a ballerina princess and he was still in shock that she liked listening to him. Especially, about the accident. And she was pleased with the roses, too. Just like Luna promised.

"No, shit." Gage gave him a pat on the back when he told Gage all about the impressive production of the Peter and the Wolf story he'd seen Matti in at the children's theater.

"'re taking her to prom? Right?" Gage looked at him as if he could live Prom through Holden. After all, Gage would pick up an extra shift at the grocery store on the night of prom.

"But, you could still be there for after prom?"

"Who goes to after prom?" Gage smirked as if Holden still had a lot to learn.

"I..I said I'd go. That's what Matti wants." Holden's smile was small. Still, he wanted to do the right thing. What ever Matti wanted. Oddly, he wanted to please her in the best way.

"What is this?" Gage's crooked smile persisted. "You gonna marry her, or something? Why work so hard to impress her?"

"I'm not." Holden went to get ready for work, even a hairnet included. "I just want us to have a good time." Besides he was sharing a limo with his step-sister and her boyfriend

Gage pulled on a chef's hat that he wasn't suppose to be wearing. It was something supervisors wore, but no one seemed to care. Evidently, Gage was too good to wear a hairnet.

"Whatever dude." Gage checked the pizza ovens and went to check on the pizza dough. Sometimes, he only acted like he was working. Usually, he was only flirting, with the girls who worked there and even the middle school girls he'd catch off guard.

Holden sucked in a breath. He did like Matti, but he was still unsure how to proceed with his luck. Maybe he could do this. She had a way of bringing out the best in him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Holden is adorbs!


Sara Gerard said...

I think Holden just needs to try! He is super sweet!

ivy said...

Oh..and to have Gage for a best buddy...hmmmm....