Monday, May 5, 2014

More Than Taco Night

More Than Taco Night

"Mom, are you sure?" Henry frowned. It was cinco de mayo and he was right in the middle of making his enchilladas. Of course, he'd had a good cry over the onions. Which she'd actually let him handle the chopping blade.

Anyway, Leo would be over in an hour and so would Aidan and Audrey. Even Carson and Essie. They hadn't heard back from Gage. God, he hoped they didn't hear back from Gage. Besides, he needed to get back to the beans and the taco meat. Joel and Vada were suppose to be making cheese dip. Why would Henry's mother want to call her brother now.

"I don't want to wait any longer." There was his number on a scratch piece of paper in her hand.

"You, might not even get him?" Why now, he kept wanting to say, but he didn't. He hated to tell his Mom that she was just opening a can of worms. What good could come of this?

"Chevy?" He heard her say into the phone.

"Chevy?" Henry winced as he mouthed the name. What kind of God awful name is that? Henry listened to his mother talk to her brother. He was living out in Tuscan.

Henry stared as her mother paced. Funny, how he'd neglected to tell her when he got out of jail, but then again, his mother never really talked about her family much. Now, his Mom sounded so happy to have found him. Something, about her son Aidan had found him on the Internet. There were a few jokes about how insecure they were with all the security out there on the Internet.

"Look, Carson has moved back." She said as if that were the kicker, the punch line. The reason she called was to tell him about Carson.

He thought he heard Carson's dad laugh. He asked how he was. Henry waited to see if she'd tell him about Gage too. Did he even know about him?

"Did you know about your other son?"

From the look on his mother's face, Henry knew his uncle didn't know anything about Gage.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

A very intense conversation topic indeed.


Sara Gerard said...

Awkward :/

Lady Lilith said...

Oh dear. This might lead to some trouble.