Sunday, May 4, 2014

where do we go from here

Where do We Go from Here prt. 1

Kayla couldn't get away fast enough. She thought she had all the bases covered. After all, it was just a library conference in Chicago. This much was true. Except, she'd left out the other part where Garvin would come down from Ottowa and meet her there.

It would be good to see if it really worked. Oh, it would work. She didn't have any doubt in that. She'd been keen on doing this for weeks now. Of course, Audrey thought differently. Challenging her at every turn about her agenda.

"You, don't have to go." Audrey kept insisting that the library conference would be lame, and what else was she going to do there? And with whom?

Kayla was closed lipped. She wanted to see it through. After all, there was only one person on her mind and no one could change that. Not even Audrey.

But as she made her way to the train station to prepair her for the unknown. Just how long could she really be with Garvin. What if they did enjoy Chicago? What next? She pictured herself with him. Far..far from home. It felt so thrilling..and then it didn't.

She wouldn't be coming home? Would she?

She plopped down at the nearest sitting area and had a good cry. She heard the call for her train, but she didn't go. No, Kayla was going home. She needed her family. She needed Oliver, after all.

Where Do We Go From Here prt.2

Oliver knew it. But he kept quite when Audrey phoned him what was up with Kayla. Oh, there was word of this fellow Garvin. Honestly, Oliver wasn't sure if he could remember his face, even. But it sounded like Kayla had found another excuse. Avoiding the real issue here.

Oliver swallowed back his fear. It was too late to go after her. And he couldn't stay here. He checked Avery's pastport one more time.

"I'm coming for a visit." He said first thing when he heard Ian's voice.

"You, mean it?"

He was a click away from getting the board passes.

"Yes." It felt like the answer to final Jeopardy. "And Avery's coming with me." He said ever so quaint. Of course, he'd need Jules' help. He sent him a text earlier about the shop. Jules and Willow knew all the recipes for the morning traffic. They didn't need to keep the bakery open anymore than they had too.

"Oh my God!" Ian sounded as if it were the best information he'd heard in a very long. "I'll have a room ready for you. Both of you."

It was a comfort to hear his brother's voice. Yet, Oliver couldn't say how long he might be there.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope he sticks around for awhile!


ivy said...

This might get Kayla to think.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ollie, I feel for him.

Tanya said...

Nice post.