Saturday, May 3, 2014

in the now

in the now

Angie was doing her best not to think about Max. She wanted him to be happy with Daisy. She had to be happy for them. But it wasn't easy. Especially, when daydreams of the two of them (Angie and Max) together were sometimes spinning out of control in her head.

He was still the one. Her true love.

Sawyer was just a friend. He was all ways so mopey. She could tell he was just as disgusted as she was, while watching Zac and Luna's devotion in action.

But she knew their outfit choices where a bad idea. She'd gone to a boy band concert a couple of years ago. No one wore something like Luna's outfit. She knew her brother Tony would have a fit to think she'd dress like that for a guy. Luna could have an accident in that dress. Especially, if she had a wardrobe malfunction.

Angie hugged herself most of the way. They would sit in seats. It was all going to be so distant. But as the crowd thickened. Next thing she knew, Sawyer had her by the and. This was new. This was...

She looked at his hand in hers. It was so warm and kind of inviting.  She gritted. No. would not give up on Max. She found herself dragging her feet. Sawyer noticed too.

"What's wrong?" He turned to her.

"Nothing." She wanted her hand back, but not just yet. Not in the mass of people at the stadium center.

"I think we lost Zac." At least they'd scanned their tickets.

"Is she still wearing those insanely high heels?" Angie said before she meant too.

Sawyer chuckled. That was new. As the crowd grew, he was holding her as if he'd shield her from any harm.

"See, that's what I like about you, you're so practical," he said.

She rolled her eyes at that. She wasn't sure it was a compliment. Finally, they edged into the stadium seating area. There were Zac and Luna, down below, waving back at them. There were more steps to take, but Sawyer held her all the way as if he'd never let anything bad happen to Angie.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

He's a sweetheart.


ivy said...

I like Sawyer and her together.

Anonymous said...

I love the collage!

deb said...

Oh, I think I'd fall for Sawyer too!

Ashley B. said...

Awesome collage!

Ashley B.
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