Sunday, May 18, 2014

Out and About

out and about

"I still can't believe, you, never went to prom," Essie said ever so slyly that she almost winked at Carson who looked rather dapper in a tuxedo. She was also smiling because she couldn't ever remember a guy dressing up for her and bringing roses.

"Totally true." He adjusted the tie as if it might be choking him. "Just never had the money. I guess." He shoved his hands in his pockets but she took his arm anyway.

"Well, you're going to see your Dad now." As if all his troubles might be over.

"Yeah, maybe. I mean, its not like he's getting on a plane to fly out, or anything." He did look slightly perturbed, but then told her that he was glad she was with him when he heard from his Dad. "I wish Gage could be a little be happier about it. I dunno what's  up with him, lately."

"He just doesn't want to get his hopes up." She knew. She understood. Truly, she did feel bad for both of them, but for now they were off to prom with Luna and Zac. They were sharing a limo together.

Essie actually felt like a pop-star of some kind. Of course, Luna and Zac were in their own little world when they arrived. There were beverages inside the car, but nothing alcoholic. Still, she thought maybe Luna and Zac were a little drunk on each other.

It was a big night, but at least Luna nor Zac didn't talk about where they might be going after the prom. Truly, it was a shining moment to be dressed in a beautiful prom gown under the disco lights of the gym.

"I thought it was going to be at the museum." Essie sighed. If she'd stayed at her old school it was a very classy affair at the old museum. She would have probably wanted to walk through the galleries instead of  dance, but soon they embraced the glitz and sparkle. The place was spectacular purple with mugs and photos included.

It was nice to have someone to have her picture taken with. And she was really beginning to feel she could let down her guard with Carson. Although, she did have her doubts he'd want to play 20 questions with her about their sex lives.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

A museum would have been a beautiful location!