Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the countdown

The Countdown

Dean had a slight headache. He was still in a quiet mode that took him all through Sunday. Maybe there were some things he should stop thinking about. Only he couldn't. Not just yet.

He was waiting in the Recruiter's office and when the glass door opened from the parking lot, there was Greyson Blue.

"Hey, I know you?" Greyson smiled.

Dean listened to him talk about his time on the wrestling team. Finally, Dean managed a smile as Grey set next to him.

"Are, you, going into the Army?" Dean asked.

"No, are you?" Grey was interested in the Navy. He'd been a life guard once.

"I mean, I know it takes more than some swimming skills for the Navy, but uh, I can go to cooking school." Grey chuckled.

"Cooking school?" Dean winced with a laugh.

"Yeah, I don't do well on test, but still knew enough math for mass quantities, evidently." Grey seemed pretty content about it.

"Good for you." Dean nodded. They talked about boot camp then and where they would go. Dean would be leaving for Oklahoma and Grey would be going to the Great Lakes, but he'd do his cooking school in San Antonio.

Dean really did need to talk about the future. He couldn't dare let himself have second thoughts about the weekend.


Launna said...

You always leave me wanting more... wanting to know a little more about the people's background... :) Then ultimately their future :)

Thank you so much for your really kind and sweet comments on my blog :) Have a really great day Ellie :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see them looking towards bigger and better things in life.


ivy said...

I'm glad Greyson talked to him.

Sara Gerard said...

Geez, it is getting to crunch-time :(

ellie said...

Thank you Launna for your kind words too!