Friday, May 23, 2014

What could that mean?

What could that mean?

There was something about Caitlin's enthusiasm that just made the night go faster. Maybe it was her laugh. It was infectious.

Of course, the alcohol helped. Roman had never known how to start a party without it. Usually, the pills came later like a late night cocktail, but he didn't have any. Caitlin did.

Yes, it was like no one else was really in the lime light that night, but the two of them. Everything was a laugh. She laughed at her friends. They did give them an odd stare, but that didn't really bother either of them. They looked like they stepped off the top of a wedding cake.

Yes, even now Roman could see, everyone envied them.

And Caitlin didn't care if people watched. Oh, she practically turned flips on the dance floor, or was that just twerking? Whatever, it was filled up like a golden moment. And he couldn't  help but grin. It was so funny. Hysterical, in fact.

But that was last night.

Like a heavy burden now, he could hardly lift his head from the bed. Roman might as well have been sunk in cement.

Actually, he wasn't in his bed. He really wasn't sure where in the world he was. He wasn't in Caitlin's frilly room that was half HELLO KITTY and the other half full of dark posters of the Black Veil Brides. He remembered.

He winced hard, thinking he was alone in the dark. Finally, he got up naked and stumbled to shed some light from the motel window. The light made his eyes burn. As it was, his head felt like a bag of sand he could barely steady. He looked back to see Caitlin with smudged mascara looking more like a ragdoll under the covers.

He sank down back on the bed and put his fingers over his eyes to rub the sands of sleep.

It wasn't that he'd never been in these certain kind of circumstances. He did his best to retrace his steps wondering when he blacked out.

He was beginning to think he just might have multiple personalities of some sort. Now his mouth was dry and he wondered if perhaps he was a much better actor than he ever knew. Honestly, he didn't mean to make mistakes. He never thought them as actual mistakes. Not until now.

But Caitlin had a ring on her finger. He didn't remember her having one before.


Launna said...

Ellie I love this story...I can't wait until Caitlin wakes up and sees the ring... ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Roman is in for a surprise.


ivy said...

Hopefully, this is a wakeup call for him.