Thursday, May 22, 2014

up all night

Greyson wasn't sure if Nora knew it was Prom, even if she'd worn a strapless gown that was one of his sister's. He hated to say it, but she was too young to look so old.

"You, didn't have a good time." He informed her, well after the night was over. He was at the diner keeping a watchful eye out for Caitlin who promised to meet them at the all night diner for breakfast.

"I did." She didn't exactly protest.

"What else is on your mind then?" He reached to take her hand. It wasn't like they were in a full blown relationship yet he wanted to be more than a big brother to him. After all, she'd made it known that she wanted to be with him. But not always.

"Nothing." She winced and looked at the breakfast she'd avoided, of scrambled eggs and hash browns.

"You know, you're not alone in this." He wished he had all the answers for her. Truth be told, he didn't. Sure, he could have a full 4 year football scholarship, but he didn't take it. He was afraid of becoming dumb and dumber. After all, he'd had a light concussion this past season, and he hadn't exactly felt himself. Perhaps, he was just a dumb jock after all, but someone had changed everything for him. And he wanted to be there for her. No matter how hard that might be.

"I know. And..and you've been amazing." She reminded him how she appreciated him getting the car for her and all the work he'd done to make her ride to work that much smoother. It sounded like a gift she couldn't repay, and he wouldn't ask her too.

"You're going to be fine. You will." He so wanted to say those words to make it all right. If only she'd say yes. Yes, that she wanted him to be there for her. He knew he wanted to marry her, but the timing was all so wrong.

He could hear it now, his parents telling him he was too young. And they were right. He knew he had to let her go. There were no chances she might ever find him again. But maybe she would. Now, he needed to figure out what he could do this summer, hoping to find his own path.

He checked his phone once more. Nothing from Caitlin. Greyson pressed his lips tight. What in the world could his little sister be doing with Roman?


Launna said...

Love your stories Ellie... you had me rooting for them to get together... I hope they find each other in the future ♥

Beth said...

Ah, young love! I have precious memories about that!

ivy said...

Such a bitter sweet time of transition.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I don't think Greyson wants to know.