Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The here and now

The Here and Now

Henry hoped Josie was happy, but he didn't actually dwell on it. Not with Leo acting like he might be James Bond on the dance floor with his hair slicked back. All he needed was a cigarette, and he just might be too cool for Henry.

They dropped off Josie and Dean at her place about 11. Something about her feet hurting. He didn't know why she didn't take off her expensive high heeled pumps and just have fun. But at least it left time for Henry to be alone with Leo, and they went back to Henry's so called Lair, the sewing room.

At least they could chill even if it were diet coke and whatever else might be in the mini fridge. Yeah, it was nice to be alone with him. And to Henry's surprise, Leo didn't stuff a bag of pretzels in his mouth and drink a six-pack in ten minutes.

Oh, there was a lot on Henry's mind. Like maybe, he should let Leo move on. He really had good intentions of breaking up with Leo so Leo could actually have a normal life. Who would want to be with someone like Henry who was prone to seizures? Granted, he'd only had one major one, and a bit of Henry liked to blame it all on his cousin Gage.

Naturally, Gage hadn't spoken to him since the ordeal.

Some days, Henry really did feel bad about dragging Leo into all this. He felt helpless, old and even fragile. How could Leo ever want to be with him?

But when Leo's lips were on his, his chest and other parts, none of that was on his mind, after all. And Henry didn't bring it up.

Instead, it all untangled and twisted into his own beautiful shape as their bodies met and molted into something that Henry had yet to think of. There was no doubt now that it wasn't true. And as the silence grew, it was if the bond would never snap nor break. This was it. This was now. The future did look amazing.

Give or take 30 minutes, a deep sleep concluded. Thank God, the couch made into a bed.

It was a little after two or so, Henry thought he heard a car-door slam shut. He rose up on his elbows in the moonlight, but not for long. He was exhausted, and Leo was there next to him between the white sheets.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope everything works out for them.


ivy said...

Intriguing..wonder what the mysterious car door is about???

deb said...

Oh, Leo. Glad they are together.

Beth said...

I am caught up in their story!

Launna said...

You have me looking forward to each story :) Very good girl :)