Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feeling the moment

Feeling the Moment

It almost felt like the old gang was together, thought Josie. Except, Daisy had to drop out last minute because she was having contractions.

"I think it was just an excuse. She looks so pregnant now." Josie tried not to be mad at Daisy. Max was with her at the hospital. Of course, they sent them home even if her lower back was aching.

Josie and Dean were with Henry and Leo, and they went to a really nice restaurant in the old market that her mother recommended. It was very grownup and she was glad Leo did the driving in his family's minivan.

It was almost a warm summer's night with just a hint of winter left behind, but she had Dean to keep her warm. He danced every dance with her even if he were a lot more somber than usual. Actually, he was a little more somber everyday.

She knew he had a lot on his mind, graduating, and leaving for the Army. There was this thing with Gage and Halie and now Gage and his Dad that kept him preoccupied too. Gage seemed to need him a lot.

She really didn't get it, because Gage was the worst friend in the world. It was always about him. Always. But as the night wore on, she thought of herself thinking she was too much like Gage. She'd wanted ME time with Dean too. This was the night she hoped he'd want to spend the night with her.

But there was never a hint of anything romantic might happen. She knew he couldn't afford a room. She would be just as happy if he wanted to stay in her own room tonight. She didn't think it would be an issue with her Mom.

Josie did her best to keep up with Henry and Leo who were all smiles and dancing like idiots on the dance floor. Truly, Henry caught on quickly that he didn't necessarily have to have any rhythm to keep up with Leo. After all, Leo was doing his own thing, spinning, attempting the moon walk and a few other crazy moves that Josie could only watch. But Dean was stiff and smile-less. She was certain of it now.

It was going to be the worst night ever, but she couldn't let on that she knew. No, she wanted to be just as happy as Henry and Leo were.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I feel sorry for her - I hope the night goes better than she thinks.


Beth said...

You are a very talented writer!

ellie said...

Thank you so much! for your sweet note!

ivy said...

Oh..Josie..I hope something GOOD goes for her.