Sunday, June 8, 2014

For a moment

For a Moment

Josie walked down to the library. The parking lot was crowded. The overflow of people at the graduation parked there. Actually, the library wasn't open.

Instantly, she thought of Dean and how he'd meet her there. He liked taking walks with her, and she missed them.

For a moment she thought she might be coming down with something. But she couldn't afford a cold right now. She knew her mom was counting on her. Especially, with Carrie. She'd be staying home with her baby sister while her Mom and Duncan were on their honeymoon.

Yes, she had to remember the last few months hadn't been all about Dean. She'd helped her mom with her wedding gown and the plans to have the wedding in the back yard. It really wasn't anything spectacular. Even so, there were cost and finding ways to cut cost.

Thankfully, Zac's mom was doing the cooking. But there was the wedding cake and the grooms cake to take care of.  Josie knew it would be worth it. She hoped one day she found someone who would make it all worth while, too.

When she looked up, she saw Sky coming out of the library. He was plugged into his ear-buds, as if he might as well be meditating. Seriously, she knew he had no idea she was even there.

Instantly, she remembered him with baby Carrie. She couldn't help but smile. Carrie liked him, and he was so good with her. Suddenly, she couldn't help but to feel she might be floating on a sunbeam. It was that kind of  happiness.

Maybe it was a sign, of some kind. Did she like him? She kept telling herself not too, but there was a part of her that wasn't listening.

Maybe she'd let Dean go. She'd never felt this sort of calm in a very long time.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie has made tremendous progress in the past few months.


Beth said...

Josie has a major decision to make!

ivy said...

Josie is growing up.

deb said...

Oh, I think I like Josie so much more now.

Launna said...

Josie is brave, I need to let someone new into my heart and let my him go too...