Friday, June 27, 2014

Friends from abroad

Sam Jackson & Dylan O'Brien

Honestly, Joel hadn't seen this coming. He was excited about seeing his Mom, after all this time. Sure, there was a new man in her life, who could keep up with her lifestyle. And yes, Joel was nervous about the trouble he'd be in. 

Telling his mother he was bringing Nora home. What would she think? Would she be furious with him? Or would she not even figure it out?

A car brought them around to the old home where his mother was staying. It looked a bit like a castle, he supposed. Actually, it was. And his mother wasn't there.

"Well, where is she?" He asked the butler who looked as if he only served the best. He was the old sort, but his broken English wasn't awful.

"She's off to Greece, sir." The old man told him he had the place all to himself. And he didn't know when she'd be back.

Of course, Vada was off to find her room. She was taken up the huge winding stairs to a room that was full of closet doors. 

"Looks, like we can forget about fooling anyone," Joel said when he found her.

"Shhh..someone might hear you." Vada wasn't exactly being herself. She looked awestruck. 

Instead, he turned her toward him and plastered a kiss. She pushed him off, instantly.

"Joel!" She looked horrified. "What if..if THEY SEE US?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" He looked hurt that she wanted to continue this charade. He didn't even care now. 

She insisted she was tired. He guessed he was too. Joel excused himself and jerked out his smart phone. Maybe that was what they needed. A party.

He direct dialed Benji, a friend of the family who always spent his summer in Paris.

"So you made it in, aye?" He could always count on Benji for a good time. Of course, he sounded so hyper as if he might be on some carefree drug, already. Joel tried to speak, but Benji cut in as if he'd just gotten on the phone.

"Joel? Is i really  you?" Sure enough, he could come over with a few friends, his girlfriend Liv and his brother Alo. "We'll need drinks and music." Benji ordered, and he wasn't talking about soft drinks.

Joel said he could handle it. He smiled when he got off the phone. Nothing like this would ever happen with his sister Nora around.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Never say never...


ivy said...

What has Joel got himself into?

Launna said...

I hope it is only a few people and that they don't destroy the place... Vada didn't seem impressed...