Thursday, June 26, 2014

Here and Now

Here and Now prt. 1

"Have you heard from Vada?" Henry's question stung Gage. As it was he'd been remotely mute at the airport waiting for his father's arrival. Actually, he was rather numb, until now. He wasn't nearly as dressed up as his brother Carson, who was hanging on to his girlfriend, as if she might be his prized possession. Henry broke his train of thought. Gage still wasn't certain if Carson was having sex with Essie.

"Why would I hear from Vada?" Gage looked at Henry as if he were an idiot. Besides, he'd seen the dude at his worse (when Henry had his epileptic seizure), and he wished Henry would have stayed home, but then again, his Dad was staying at Henry's house. Gage doubted he got to see much of this so called Dad.  Yet the suspense was killing him. It was sort of like waiting for a legendary rockstar. Just when would he get here?

But he'd heard his plane was late. Gage felt certain the old dude would be a no show. That was Gage's track record. He wasn't sure what was even going on with Halie, lately. It wasn't like she e-mailed him everyday.

He sighed, wishing he could seriously hook up with that older chick he'd met at that party, but Hansen's brother came to the rescue. Honestly, he wished he could skip this whole ordeal and just have some fun. But then again, he didn't know what that might be.

Only, his Dad Chevy did show up, and he was a whole lot younger than Gage thought he would be. Gage couldn't help but smile. Maybe he did have some good genes, after all.

Of course, Carson shook his hand first and his Dad gave him a hug, but then Gage noticed his hesitation when he saw him.

A lump lodged in Gage's throat as if he'd swallowed a golf ball. He just couldn't speak. He could hardly think.

His Dad only smiled and hugged Gage as if he really missed him. Gage didn't want him to ever let go.

Here and Now prt. 2

Duncan was not used to tuxedos. It would have been a good day to be in his uniform, especially those UPS shorts. But here he was with Camille. The ceremony went off without a hitch. He knew all his lines. And the whole neighborhood was practically gathered around. A few he worked with had come to support him, as well.

He really thought the only best friend he'd ever made was Camille, but Frannie's husband was his best man, and even Jane and Asa made it to the ceremony.

Maybe they really were all friends now. And he felt like a real Dad to Carrie too. Maybe even Josie was accepting him.

Yes, it was a good day. Of course, he didn't know what to really say when they wanted him to give a speech. He knew he loved his life. Duncan felt he had the family he always wanted.


deb said...

Oh, how I love Gage. Loved the last part too.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so happy for Duncan right now!


ivy said...

I feel so much for Gage..who might be his own worst enemy. I hope he will find peace finding his father.

Sara Gerard said...

AWWW! So much awesomeness in this post!

Launna said...

I am happy for Duncan...

I hope Gage lets his father in...