Sunday, June 15, 2014

Its going around

Its going around

"He's so adorable," Lena sighed wishing she had a little boy  like Abel. Funny, she'd never had this feeling before, and she really didn't want to have it. But now, seeing how congenial one little fellow could be, even after something quite tragic, Lena felt anything was possible.

Willow and Jules showed up with some baked goodies. It was nice to have a friend to talk too.

"Already, a little heart throb." Willow smiled.

Lena wondered how Willow was really doing. She was starting to show. Perhaps even waddle. She would have her baby in August.

"Are you feeling, OK?" Lena wanted to know if she could get her anything.

"I'm OK, I've got my bottled water." She was avoiding the table of brownies and cupcakes.

"So, any news from your brother?" Lena asked when they sat down. She knew Willow was worried about Jonah. Things had ended badly with his girlfriend Halie. Jules didn't want to talk about his little sister Halie and Willow wouldn't, either.

"Apparently, he got married." She rolled her eyes as if she believed it were a joke.

"Married?" Just like that, thought Lena. Here she and Tony were no where near the alter, not even at the free gazebo in the park. "To Halie?"

"God no." Willow sort of laughed. "I dunno who she is, but at least she's in college. Working on being a pharmacist, so I dunno when we'll get to meet her. Her name in Magz and she lives with him, Fiona and Gilly. For now, anyway, in London."

"So has he known her long?" Lena wanted to know.

"Well, he's never ever mentioned her to me." Willow hugged herself in her floral Tee shirt dress.

"That would be a shock." Lena sighed, thinking what would her family think if they went off and got married.

"I hope that girl knows what she is getting into, because my brother is the most unromantic guy, you would hope never to meet." She went to sample a peanut-butter cookie then. Maybe Willow wasn't on a diet, after all.


Launna said...

Their backgound sounds as mixed up as mine.. ;-)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

An interesting turn of events.


ivy said...

Sometimes, you have to take the plunge no matter what anyone might think.