Saturday, June 14, 2014

onward and upward

onward and upward prt.1

" did this happen?" Garvin asked point blank at Dorian's pot luck.

Ruben stuffed a roll in his brother's face. He knew Garvin wasn't talking about the food. Ruben wasn't going to talk about Abel. After all, the four year old was close by, playing Legos with Angie. At least they'd gotten support from Lena and Tony. Garvin did have his high powered camera nearby, ready for pictures. But at the moment, Ruben wished his brother would eat his spaghetti and be quiet.

"How do, you think it happened?" Ruben found himself whisper shouting. "Can't you be happy? You're an uncle."

Ruben was doing his best here. He didn't exactly have the daddy skills that Dorian obviously possessed. After all, Dorian stayed with Abe the first night. Ruben wished he could, but he needed sleep, even if it was quite restless.

"Its never..said.." Garvin started.

"If I'd known, I would have." Ruben sighed.

"Well, there is no denying, he is yours." Garvin informed him.

Ruben didn't see the point of rehashing any of this. Still, it was Dorian that Abel took too.

Abe asked if Lena was Dorian's sister. Dorian told him, he guessed she was (even if she was his ex-boyfriend's sister), and suddenly it was like they were all family.

Abe was putting it all together.

"And Angie is my sister?" Abe decided.

Angie only smiled.

"Um, no."

"My girlfriend?" Abe smiled.

"Well, I'm a little old for you." She told him.

"Are you 37?" He acted as if that was the biggest number he knew.

Angie shook her head, no.

"If you're nice to her, she just might be your babysitter." Ruben told him.

"Babysitter?" He winced as if he'd never heard of such a thing. That's when everyone found out about Abel's 10 girlfriends at the nursery school he went too.

Something else to think about, Ruben went back to his plate of food. Abe needed friends. Hopefully, he'd make some here.

Onward and Upward prt.2

"Why are you still here?" Now it was Ruben's round to ask questions.

"Why shouldn't I be here?" Garvin smirked. They were brothers and only a year apart. Garvin was younger, but taller and always felt more wiser than his vagabound brother. Yes, they both had good hair and Ruben did quite well for the most part. But he was settled now and maybe Garvin was following his lead. After all, Ruben was the only family left and lately, he'd felt lost.

This thing with Kayla just blew Garvin's mind. Maybe it actually scared him that he had that sort of unknowing power over someone in just letters. They weren't really having an affair. And yet, he'd enjoyed her company online. Still, he hadn't an inkling who she was, and he felt he'd broken something in someone else's life that he couldn't exactly fix.

"What are, you trying to do?" Ruben was very aware of the Kayla and Oliver situation. "Then you, go off and move in with someone you hardly know?" Ruben was so bitter, but Garvin cracked a smile.

"We're just roommates. Its only temporary." But then again, most of his relationships started that way. Still, someone was truly in love with Oliver (and it wasn't Kayla). Garvin had to settle for a twin bed in a guestroom where Vera kept all her high school year books and old records.

Still, he was fine and Vera was very earnest. He was becoming aware they could be good friends. Why couldn't that be enough? Besides, he liked her independence. Maybe he could live alone, too and enjoy being alone.


Flavia Eriel said...

I LOVE IT! stunning pics!


Дарья Пленкина said...

do you follow each other?
let me know!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm liking Abe already!


ivy said...

Maybe this thing with Kayla is a wakeup call for Garvin. Yes, I love Abe too!

Launna said...

Oh my that isn't something I could do... not after attempting to be friends with the man I have loved for many years... and then became best friends. It ended horribly, now we don't talk. I couldn't have imagined trying to live with him as a friend... very well written Ellie :)

Beth said...

Following right along. Great photos!