Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just the two of us and then some

Just the two of us and then some prt.1

Oliver didn't mean to be so sinister, but it seemed every conversation turned into an argument with Kayla, over the phone.

Perhaps he was stuck in a rut.

"Maybe..I just ask for it." He told Liz (who was a friend of his mother's since they were school girls) , at least she was there to help with Avery and to listen. As if she had the time to listen to all his woes with a pregnant teenage daughter that was growing more distant by the day. "I really thought it would be different with Kayla. The way we met. Her voice. Now, I only here the misery in it." He was sure he'd be mental by now if he'd stayed with her and wasn't here in England visiting his brother.

"Now..we.." He didn't want to go into it about Avery and how she wasn't really his, but to learn he was actually going to be a Dad. Oliver really did want to hurry home. But would it backfire? "I always loved her. I did. Its just..why..why can't she love me?"

Was it just her? No, he was certain it must be him. He thought of the lot, that had burden him before. They were usually troubled and he was there inbetweener. He felt it wasn't much different with Kayla.

This wasn't something he could patch up. It wasn't easy trying to keep a business going and have a family.

"I don't want her hating me, but she.." Oliver, didn't know if Kayla could really love him. Maybe she never did.

They fussed daily on their phone calls, and yet he'd make sure Kayla said good night to Avery every night.

"It will just take courage to go back, and I haven't got any." Oliver finally confessed. But he knew he had to go back.

And then the call came that Jama, his brother's wife, was in labor, so Oliver didn't want to leave just yet.

Just the two of us and then some prt.2

The pub never closed for the weekend, but it did when baby Kian arrived. Honestly, Ian couldn't help but make a big deal about it. Banners were all around the pub of their good news. Thankfully, they could take off a couple of days and just enjoy their little family.

And Ian was happy that Avery and Oliver were there. Phone calls from his folks soon followed. Everyone in the family wanted to visit now. Of course, Ian's step-mom was afraid Oliver and Avery might never come home.

"You know, they miss you." Ian reminded Oliver a few days after they got home, and Ian was caring for baby Kian while Jama was resting. "They care about you. And I know its difficult to understand, but you have to embrace it. They do love you."

Of course, Ian thought perhaps he might be the worst role model when it came to accepting family, but he knew his Dad and Step-Mom meant well. After all, if it weren't for them, he would have never gotten to know his brother Eric.

"I know Jules is keeping the bakery going. And you have friends helping out too. You, can't just dig a hole in the sand and hide. I know you'll figure it out with Kayla. You, can't avoid her. She needs you." He handed the bundled up baby to Oliver as if it might be a good luck charm.

"Who knows, you might have a boy." Ian smiled.

"I'd take either." Oliver warmed up to the baby as if he needed a newborn to fix what might have soured him on life. "I am happy for you, Ian."

Ian knew they were both searching for a family they never had. And yet it was right here. The two of them being the best of brothers.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so happy for the two of them!!


ivy said...

I'm glad Ian and Oliver made up and are OK. Great about the new baby too.

Launna said...

It is nice to see that Ian and Olivier have mended fences... Wonderful about the new baby :) ♥