Monday, June 30, 2014

Splat dab in the middle

Splat Dab in the Middle

Vada didn't think she could sleep. But here she was in Paris.

The  estate was so old. It was so elegant and white on the outside, but the inside was quite ancient, even if it was patched up in places. Some of the hallways were thin too. Of course, downstairs looked refinished an elegant. Her room was immaculate, as well. Of course, it wasn't really her room.

This was a room for Nora. And now Vada felt sorry for her. Being away from her mother all this time. Her mother wasn't even here to greet her.

Naturally, the traveling washed Vada out, as well. Then to have Joel decide he was her boyfriend once again.

It was strange. Even more strange was not saying goodbye to Dean. She tried not to be upset. But it hurt. It was as if he'd emotionally stabbed her in the heart.

Then came thoughts of Henry and his mom and dad. They were his parents. Not her parents. Even if they had wanted her for a daughter. They would not love her now.

An ocean of grief swelled up in her, and soon enough, she was just in her pale tank an panties and hid under all the covers. She was just going to rest for a little while.

But as soon as her eyes closed, she dreamed of Henry and how worried his mother must be. How could she have done such an awful thing to such nice people. She hadn't meant to be such trouble.

Where in the world would she end up now?

And then she heard music. Why was there music in her dream?

Vada awoke to the beat of some disco song vibrating the walls. The place was definitely not sound proof.

She got up and slid into a pair of old jeans. Actually, they were new, but they were faded and worn. Expensive jeans, she guessed.

Vada slipped into some Toms that was in a gift basket outside her door. She grabbed a water too and headed downstairs into darkness.

There was actually a party going on, and no one told her about it. She checked her new phone to see it was going on 2 in the morning. The party was in full throttle.

She went to find Joel, but he was dancing with some blond girl, really close.

"Nora! You're fuck'n little brother..really did it this time!" Some one grabbed her arm. She looked over to see someone with a bottle of wine. "He thinks he can have my girl!"

She winced at the guy who was half drunk or something worse. Vada crossed her arms.

"You, haven't changed a bit, you know." He informed her. Had she forgotten who he was? "Its me, Benji!" He looked really pissed, passing the bottle to someone else. Benji grabbed her then with a smirk.

"Hadn't we best? Have a go at it then?" It sounded as if it were typical payback in his thick British accent.

"What!" Vada pushed the drunk guy off of her. She was ready to slap him, or better yet, kick him where it hurt.

Another came from behind her and grabbed her wrist.

"Nora, calm down. Please." He had an accent, too. She couldn't see his face, exactly. He might have been Benji's twin.

Suddenly, she felt so lost. This was nothing like the vacation she imagined. He took her hand, and they raced back upstairs.

"Benji is right, you haven't changed much." He grinned.

She had no idea who he was.

"Come to think of it, you haven't changed at all." He smirked. "Pack something. Lets get out of here."

Vada only sighed. The music only got louder. It wasn't often she left with strangers.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope Vada will be okay; not a good idea on her part. :/


Anonymous said...

Oh What a Party!

ivy said...

Looks like trouble.

Launna said...

Oh my goodness... Vada just running off with a stranger...