Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not quite the fairy tale

I knew it was love

She was a little taller than he remembered, but Alo always thought deep down they had a connection. Granted, they saw each other every few years. He didn't always spend a holiday in Paris with his half-brother Benji. Of course, Alo didn't see Benji that often, either.

"I've been in Glasgow for awhile now." Alo doubted that would impress Nora. Nothing ever impressed Nora. At least, they weren't at the party. "I've got to stop doing this shit. Honestly, I've out grown it, you know. I'm not a club person."

He'd at least gotten her away, to some place a bit more calm, even if jazz played in the background and they'd actually found a place that served pizza at three in the morning.

"But you know, how it is, our parents never saw much of us, anyway." He didn't really feel he belonged in his mother's life, either. But she was at least concerned about his studies.

Nora was awful quiet. She ate the sausage pizza as if she were starving. She even took to the lager as if she were famished.

Alo peeled at the empty beer bottle. He'd waited a good bit of his teenage life for this moment. To finally be with the girl he'd always adored. Even if they'd never spoken.

Just the thought of her kept him going at all those boarding schools. Not once had he longed for another.

"I'm really sorry about Benji. He can be a tool, but he really is devoted to Liv, evidently." Alo made a face of disgust. He'd listened to their love making for days. And now they were on the outs.

She ate another slice of pizza. It was as if she was avoiding him, after all.

"Jesus, Nora?" Alo finally winced. "Say something? Will you?"

"You, won't like it." She did look tired and not nearly the princess he always imagined. After all, she was quite ordinary, and yet he found her positively beautiful, especially without makeup.

"I might." He looked her straight on as if he were ready for whatever she had to give.

"I'm not Joel's sister." She confessed.

That cracked Alo up, completely. Just what sort of game was Nora playing?

Not Quite a Fairy Tale prt. 2

Joel wasn't playing games now. Yes, this was all Vada's fault. He'd heard her talking in her sleep on the plane. She said Dean's name.

Joel couldn't put it out of his mind what he'd heard. Maybe he was tired of being good old trust worthy Joel. His sister wasn't here. So why not have a party?

Actually, he'd never had one, but it didn't take much, especially with the help of the staff. After all, his Mom went off to Greece. She wasn't even there to greet him which made him all the more disgusted with his life.

Something had to change. And it did, the moment he saw Liv with Benji. Yes, he'd met her before. But they were both much younger then, and she was so posh. Not even Joel's sister could stand her.

But now, she'd taken a liking to him. He wasn't sure how. He didn't even care. Everything seemed to be coming together this summer. And he didn't even have Nora to tell him it wasn't a good idea.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sounds like a summer of bliss - let's hope it stays that way.


ivy said...

I think I like Alo. Joel..such a bad boy, after all.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, what a shocker for Alo!

Launna said...

I feel for Joel... wanting Vada and her not being interested... that is sad...