Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just a monster in a mixed up world

Just a monster in a mixed up world

Vada didn't know if she could take another minute of Alo's undieing love for Nora.

What had she done? It was as if the magnitude of this game finally hit her. She was in another country faking who she actually was.

"I'm sorry." She shut her eyes tight. "You, don't know me."

"But I do." His helpless smile prevailed.

"You, are drunk, aren't you?" She'd only had a beer, and it hadn't really phased her. Of course, it was underage drinking, but Nora was actually old enough to drink in France, she guessed.

"No, I am not drunk." Maybe Alo was a goofball, after all.

Joel had really turned out to be totally different than she thought. But maybe it was to get back at her. Maybe he suspected she wasn't the girlfriend she should be. And maybe she never would be.

"Look, Nora is seeing a football player." She told him.

"A footballer?" Alo winced as if that was just unreal.

"Its not like he's a professional or anything." Vada shrugged. "I thought I was Joel's girlfriend." But it sounded lame to even admit it. However, she did think they were friends. She wasn't so sure what they were now. Especially, after she saw him kissing Liv.

"I go to school with him in Omaha." Vada stared at Alo.

"Where in the hell is Omaha?" He cracked up. "Nora, you are really something. How long are you going to keep this up?"

"Oh, really are a poor little rich boy, aren't you?" Vada rolled her eyes. "I'm not Nora. I'm Vada." But she had nothing to prove she was anyone but Nora. All she had on her were Nora's I.D. and a phone in Nora's name.

"I just want to go home now." She told him.

"All right, I can take you back." Aloe shrugged.

"No, I don't think I should go back to Joel's." A part of her wanted to run to the nearest police station, but then again she didn't want trouble, either. "I just wanted to see Paris. That's all I ever wanted. I'd never flown on a plane before. But now, now I don't know what to do."

"Then we'll go to every tourist trap from here to the Eiffel Tower." Alo grinned.


Launna said...

Vada has herself in an odd situation... pretending to be someone else brings problems I'm sure she was not aware of....

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sounds like a great plan!


deb said...

Looks like love might be blooming..even in the oddest time.

ivy said...

I'm glad Alo is there.

Beth said...

and so the saga continues....

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Vada! Alo sounds interesting.

deb said...

I forgot to tell you..I LOVE the name ALO..It just screams OLD MONEY..and a guy who would understand girls!