Thursday, July 3, 2014

on her own

On her Own

The real Nora's room was once a nursery and then an office at Topher's old house.

"Actually, there was just a lot of junk in here, but I finally talked Topher into cleaning it out." Ricki's hands were on her hips and toddler had her sticky fingers wrapped around Ricki's leg as she looked up at Nora, giving her the once over.

It was the smallest room in the house, but it was on ground level and just off the livingroom. Everyone else was upstairs. She wasn't so sure how she felt about it three weeks ago, but the price was right and it was close to the campus and her old car didn't have far to go where she worked at the bank. It was good to have her own space. Although, most of the comforts of home were from Greyson's house. His parents had been good to her, and she was thankful for him and his family.

Of course, they were in their own crisis with Grey's little sister Caitlin. It was good to get away when she did. Still, she missed Greyson even if she saw him everyday.

He did come over after work and they'd hang out. Sometimes, they'd take walks in the afternoon. It was all so ordinary and not at all what summers were with her mother. She didn't want to talk about her mother nor her father.

"But what about Joel?" Grey reminded her from time to time that he'd gone to France. "Have you heard from him?"

She hadn't, and maybe it was better this way. She'd tried to make him take sides, and she knew she shouldn't have.

"He's probably bored to death." She shrugged. She usually was. Yes, she loved taking in the sights, the food, the fashion, but there was a part of it, she detested. How in the world did the townies get used to all that reckless youth on holiday in their city?

She told Grey about the Louvre. "I mean, there are other museums." She sighed. It wasn't that big of a deal.

"You know, you miss it. You, should go. See your mother." He told her she'd feel much better about her life if she opened up to her Mom about what she wanted.

"How can you say that? You, of all people should know, I don't want to be there." She winced, thinking they'd had this conversation more than once. "Why are you doing this to me?"

And that's when he finally mentioned the Navy. He was leaving in two weeks. They would at least have the Fourth together. Her summer college class was over. Maybe she'd take her mother's offer and go to Paris. At least for couple of weeks.


Launna said...

Oh my... this sounds interesting... Vada and Nora together...

Have a great day Ellie :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, such a sad revelation for her.


deb said...

Oh..the plot thickens!

ivy said...

I do wonder where this will go...