Thursday, June 19, 2014

muddled thoughts

muddled thoughts

"I'm so confused." Dean winced as he got out another box of video games for Sky to keep.

Sky winced back as if he wasn't sure what Dean was confused about. Actually, he never knew they would be doing this. Dean giving up his stuff. Sky nodded. He did have the space for video games. According to Dean, nobody wanted his stuff here.

"I mean, I thought, I just caught a bus at the bus station, and I'd be on my way to Oklahoma, but its not quite  that simple." He shrugged. He was going to some big hotel where he was meeting other recruits to spend the night with, and they were going all together tomorrow to boot camp.

"You'll be fine." Sky let a little smile slip as if to give Dean some clarity. "I'll just keep this for you, and some day, you might want it all back."

"Doubt it." He did sound just a bit suicidal.

"Is everything OK?" Sky wanted to know as he watched Dean stuff some of his old clothes in a trash bag for Sky.

"I guess has to be." But Dean did look as if he might be on the brink of tears. He had a tough exterior, but Sky knew Dean was still just a kid. "I can't help, but mess things up. Always have."

"Sometimes, you have to mess things up to figure it all out." Sky shrugged with understanding. That had been a good chunk of his life, he guessed.

"Yeah. Maybe you're right." Dean nodded as he wiped a tear away.

"Is this about Josie?" Sky wanted to know.

Dean only nodded.

"Maybe..maybe, you should have never broke up with her." Sky said they could make up. There was time.

"I'm glad we broke up." But Dean wasn't smiling about it. "If..if we hadn't..I..I would have cheated on her."

Sky couldn't think of a comforting thing to say. A part of him wanted to know what troubled Dean, but he knew he didn't have a right to ask.

"Just..just be nice to her. OK?" Dean asked. "She really needs someone..who'll listen. Someone, who can show to really enjoy life."

"Are you asking me? To take her out?" Sky squinted hard, as he shook his head. "Man, I don't date. I don't know the first thing about going out, with anyone."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Sky gives it a shot!


ivy said...

Dean, I dunno what to think about you..but it might be a lot in store for Sky and Josie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this story.

deb said...

I like Sky so much.

Launna said...

I am a bit torn, I was Dean to forgive her... and I do like Sky too...