Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The imposter

The Imposter

Vada did want something different. This was true, but she still didn't think Joel had it in him to pull this off.

She couldn't pass for Joel's sister. But he'd taken care of everything.

They'd ditched her phone somewhere on the way to the airport. And it was somewhere in the old market, about now. She guessed.

"Well, if it doesn't work, then..it'll be just a good laugh." Joel smiled as if he were the biggest prankster, ever. He told his mother that his sister was coming.

But here she was in Nora's clothes. They fit, although... she was a bit taller than her. Her shoes were a size smaller too. She didn't feel at all dainty in the outfit she was wearing. Of course, their eyes weren't even the same color, but Joel had some contacts.

She wondered what he did in his spare time? Was he trying to be a new James Bond?

They'd made it through security at the airport. It was a breeze. They were even early for their flight. Next thing she knew they were in Chicago. Then New York City.

She'd never been on a plane before. It was so confining. Even in first class. She thought she was going to throw up when they were in mid air, but suddenly, they were in the clouds. Still, she thought she'd lost air.

Yet, it was beyond belief. They actually thought she was Nora.

By the time they got to New York City, she was sure they would pull her off the plane, and she'd be in a police station somewhere waiting for Henry's parents.

She knew she'd let them down. And she wouldn't know how to explain this. She didn't hate them. She wanted to be with them.

Still, she felt so uncertain about herself. Maybe she did want to be somebody else.

Their flight took off over the ocean. She couldn't believe it was actually happening. This had to be the craziest thing she'd ever done.

Still, she was afraid what might happen if she got there. There was nothing on her... about being her true self. Everything she owned was Nora's.


Launna said...

I was rooting for Vada to make it to Paris... she needs a little fun ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish things were easier for her.


Sara Gerard said...

I am worried about Vada! Poor girl, might be in over her head.

ivy said...

Oh, it'll be interesting to see what develops.