Monday, June 23, 2014

one thing leads to another

One Thing Leads to Another

Henry couldn't say who was in the worst panic mode. Him or his mother. Maybe even his Dad. Everyone was frantic.

Vada didn't come home.

"What? She didn't stay over at your house?" Henry watched his mother almost keel over when she heard that Ren hadn't seen Vada. "But she said she'd be with you! She said she was going to see Dean off."

Henry glared with anger as he hugged himself. Why had he not figured it out?

She wouldn't pick up when he text nor when he called.

She was going to have a lovely evening with Ren and all those little kids. Said she would help out this summer. She'd spend the night to figure out Ren's schedule and what sort of help she needed during summer break. Oh, what a help she would be.

His Mom was fine with it. They thought it was a great idea. Even if Vada didn't get paid, she volunteered to do it.

"OH GOD. Oh god oh god oh god..oh god..." Henry knew exactly what she was up too.

"What?" His mother was off the phone.

"She's with Joel. She has to be with him." Henry was straight lipped.

"But she doesn't have a passport." His mom reminded him.

"Well, maybe they didn't go to Paris. Maybe, maybe they took off somewhere else." Henry fumed.

"That's not like Vada," Myra winced. Besides, they did have company coming in today. Her brother was arriving. They didn't have time for this. She got on the phone then to report to the police that Vada was missing.


Launna said...

So Vada decided to leave with Joel using the fake passport... everyone is going to be upset, I hope she has fun:)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Henry - having to worry about her like this!


Sara Gerard said...

Oh no! I hope that Vada is okay!

ivy said...

I'm excited for Vada, still her family must be worried.

ellie said...

Me too! =)