Sunday, June 22, 2014

wanting happy thoughts

Wanting Happy Thoughts prt. 1

Audrey was at her wits end. This summer was not turning out like she'd planned.

She'd hoped she would be enjoying the Lindsey Sterling concert with her sister Kayla and her husband, but Oliver hadn't came home from England yet.

There was a time when she thought he was going to catch the next plane, but she wasn't so sure he wanted to come back with Avery just yet.

Kayla was in a daze. She was barely there at work. Audrey knew she was terribly worried about Avery.

Kayla talked nonstop how she was afraid Avery would forget her. What if Oliver never came back?

Audrey only listened. She didn't know what Oliver might do. She only suggested they keep talking. At least, Oliver let Kayla talk to Avery over the phone.

The concert was next weekend and she had two extra tickets.

"Here, why don't, you use them?" Audrey offered the tickets to Sky who was finishing up his morning at the library. "You like music."

"Wow." Skye was caught off guard. She could tell by that sheepish grin of his.

"You know, who she is?" Audrey guessed it wouldn't be Skye's kind of music.

"Yeah, I know. I've..I've listened to her CDs." He nodded.

"Maybe, you could ask somebody to the concert." Audrey grinned as if she might be a matchmaker in her spare time. Actually, she just wanted to see someone happy. It was rather solemn with Asa and Jane (the one couple that her and her husband went out with occasionally) these days. Jane was working fewer days at the hospital now due to her troubling pregnancy, and she didn't want to see Audrey much because Jane (she wouldn't say it, but Audrey knew) thought Audrey had it too easy in her pregnancy.

As it was Audrey was bigger than ever with a baby bump. She was sure they'd tell her the baby weighed 10 pounds. Of course, Aidan kept assuring her she was just exaggerating. He didn't think the baby would weigh over 7 pounds. He did mention though that maybe she should cut back on the milkshakes and the burgers. The two things she craved these days.

"I guess I could." Sky shrugged as he took the tickets.

"Great," Audrey smiled. "I'll see you there."

Sky nodded with a smile. Of course, she wondered then if he'd ask a guy or a girl to the concert. That roommate Mitch was always here to talk to him about something.

Jen, Rossie & Nic

"You, can be a cheerleader without her, you know." Jen wasn't even sure she was listening to Rossie. Granted, they'd been friends in middle school, but not high school.

Rossie took a wrong turn somewhere between eight grade and Freshman year with her social life. Suddenly, Jen remembered, Rossie didn't care what people thought of her. She wore what she wanted and she went everywhere with Nic, who was transgender.

Here they were at Jen's house, and Jen had to admit she was nervous. She didn't want people like Nic and Rossie being seen, coming out of her house. Yes, she might be a little homophobic.

"You, are the one who called me." Rossie glared. Jen could hardly bare it. After all, Rossie was the first girl who ever kissed her.

Jen sank down on her bed in tears. She'd been waiting what seemed a life time with Caitlin, to wake up and realize she should be with Jen.

It was all sort of a fake, like now. Jen guessed. But she'd really been in love with Caitlin, and..and did she really want to discuss this with Rossie?

"Maybe..maybe..I wasn't telling everything to Caitlin, either." Jen sighed, know it was too late now.

"Look, we have the summer. We'll find some fun." Rossie sighed as if she'd never let Jen down. After all, she was the creative sort with the costume jewelry she put together, and Nic was always snapping photos with "his" old camera and developing pictures in Rossie's little apartment.

They did look like a pair of misfits, but they were here for Jen. Rossie was an excellent body guard at parties. She might have been rough around the edges, but she had a heart of gold.

 Jen was ready to hang up her cheerleading gear. It was time to find new things to wear. After all, they were only going  to a Swap Meet to exchange clothes. Rossie found plenty Jen could do without in her wardrobe. Rossie said they need to find Jen some clothes with personality.


Beth said...

Very interesting, but I think I am missing the plot of the story today.:-)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Jen's up for this!


ellie said...

I probably have too many stories going. Sorry, if you missed the point. These are 2 separate storylines. I just felt the need to update and hope to go with the theme..where maybe things would get better if you stay positive. Thanks for you input.

Launna said...

I thought they were two different stories... :)

I know I have just come into these in the last month or so, I should go back and read a few from the beginning :) You always have good plot lines Ellie :)