Wednesday, June 4, 2014

To the Moon and Back

To The Moon and Back

Max really hated that he'd put Daisy in this condition. He didn't like seeing her hurting. Yet, he did his best to stand beside her every step of the way. Even drove her to the hospital.

When he'd got home from work, there she was standing in the middle of the livingroom floor in a puddle of water.

"She wouldn't go without you." Josie shrugged as if he should have known.

He didn't have time to change, and yet the hours passed. How long would they keep her in this predicament? Of course, five hours in, she finally gave in and wanted drugs for the birthing of the baby.

Max remained in a state of dazed and confusion. He'd text Asa, his guardian, and his brother Derrick too, as if they'd be completely bitter with him if he didn't. Still, he thought he might walk into a wall.

What was going to happen?

Finally, he text Angie, for no good reason. He knew he'd been putting her off for weeks now. It was best to ignore her. Hope she found someone else.

"What if I'm not ready?" was all he text. He couldn't believe he'd even put those words together as he stared at them on the screen.

Next thing he knew they were prepping him to go into surgery with Daisy. It felt like getting ready to walk on the moon.

And then under the burning lights, it all took place with muffled voices and codes he couldn't understand. They had a baby girl, and she weighed almost seven pounds.

Max felt faint, but they passed the crying wet baby to him.  It was sheer joy, as he helped with the vitals and other tests they give babies when they were born. He helped with the cleaning up and held her as if she was quite possibly the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Finally, he gave her to Daisy, who looked too out of it know the baby was really here.

When he thought she'd want a moment alone with their Amanda, she grabbed his hand. Daisy wanted him to stay.


Launna said...

Awe sweet... first time fathers are interesting to watch... first time mama's are just as nervous... we all get through it, eventually :-D

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an exciting time!!


ivy said...

So happy the day arrived.