Thursday, June 5, 2014

Like a Dove Takes to the wind

Like a Dove Takes to the Wind

Sawyer wasn't going to be in the friend zone. Actually, Cody discussed this with him early on, after Sawyer broke up with Syreeta. They'd been kind of friends since the Imagine Dragons concert. It was an unlikely duo, but they'd been stuck at concessions for a good 40 minutes or they'd had plenty to talk about. Suddenly, they were best of friends. And Cody said he'd been in the friends zone before, but never again.

So when Sawyer saw Angie with Syreeta's new something, he decided he wouldn't be such a butthead. Besides, she needed him, didn't she? She needed to get over Max. Maybe he could  help.

So he kissed her that night after Prom. Perhaps it was just a whim, but it worked out. And he was very proud now, to have her over, even if it were just to watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER on Netflix. Besides, they were alone. And she evidently, did like the kissing. So less watching an old TV show.

He was after all, quite taller than her and suddenly, he felt like a protector of some sort. She was really cuddle worthy. And each kiss warmed up another and another. Before, he knew it, they were in his room in the dark of the late afternoon.

Maybe it was just an experiment, Sawyer decided first. But it was beyond exploring parts of the bed and each other. OK, yes, it was almost something full blown. Not exactly. Oh, she was good with her fingers. Sawyer did wonder if she was holding back something from him.

And then her phone jangled. So close. And yet not.

She jumped to the text right away. Told him it was Max.

Naturally, Sawyer wondered if she'd text him right back, but she didn't. Maybe she wanted to go right back to this heat of passion they'd created together. Well, she did go back, but not nearly as bewitching as before.

No, she snuggled next to him under the covers. Skin against skin as if it were naturally so.

"Just don't tell me, you're thinking of him..when..when you're with me?" Sawyer was ready to think the worst.

She shook her head, no. Which was a sigh of relief.

She kissed him as if this was genuine, and they could be like this forever. When the front door slammed shut, it was a different story. It was a race to see who could get their clothes on first.


Launna said...

This was good Ellie... I felt Sawyer's fear that she was still wanting Max after the text and than the fear of when they thought they might be caught... I remember those days when we I was younger taking chances that I would never take today... it was fun though :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I just hope she doesn't break Sawyer's heart.


ivy said...

Angie's full of surprises. Sawyer surprises me too.

Sara Gerard said...

OH, she better make a decision!

ellie said...

Thanks! Oh, sometimes, beginnings can be very exciting..when you aren't thinking much of the reality of it.