Friday, June 6, 2014

Today is the day

Today is the Day prt. 1

Derrick was so afraid he'd have to spend another year in high school, but luckily, he was sporting his cap and gown. Things were looking up for him. It felt like a change. Maybe it was just him. But he was happy Max and Daisy were together with the baby.

He really couldn't say for sure what made him happy the most. Knowing he was an uncle or looking forward to life with Mitch.  But he was out of here. High School was over.

the evolution of Vada

Vada didn't know if she could go through with this. Being at graduation. She knew she had to be there for Dean. But it was so different now. They were different. Of course, they weren't exactly together. She wondered if it could ever be that way. The two of them. A couple.

She did feel guilty. There was no denying it. But it was a secret. She'd have to keep it. No way could she be around Josie. Of course, she felt as if they might be both going to a funeral, showing up at the High School graduation in dark colors. Perhaps they were both in mourning. Thankfully, Joel showed up. He did come back from his Dad's before the last week of school was over.

"You seem different." He told her.

"Well, I'm not." She snapped back as if she was very much her old self.

Joel just smiled. She let him hold her hand as they stood for the school alma mater which neither one of them had bothered to learn. Vada stared at the back of Josie's head. She hoped she wouldn't turn back and look at her. If she did, she knew she couldn't look Josie in the eye.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Josie knew what was going on around her.


ivy said...

I feel for Josie. I'm glad that Vada feels guilty. At least.

deb said...

I remember that day, graduation. I know how he feels...especially about freedom.

Launna said...

Not to be judgmental but Vada should feel guilty.... I never understood cheating in any form... :(

ellie said...

Sometimes we just make bad choices. Of course, I'm sure she wasn't thinking about feeling guilty at the time it happened. And she is damaged, perhaps she went back to what she knew from her own past.