Wednesday, July 30, 2014

About now

About Now prt.1

Why couldn't they let them be together?

Caitlin wrote letters to Roman all summer. It was just not right. They were married, after all. No way, would she ever believe the marriage was annulled. Of course, according to her parents and Roman's parents it wasn't even real.

Yet, Caitlin still held on to the hope that it was true. And she wanted her Roman back.

"He's like my Jack Frost, you know." She told Jen who looked at her as if she was one crazy cheerleader.

One more thing she had to explain to Jen.

Caitlin gave up her pom poms.

"Don't you see, it doesn't mean a thing to me." She was ever so grim. Things were changing. She couldn't spend her life in a uniform at school. What was she to do when it was time to move on? To grow-up?

Her brother had.

Hadn't they followed in each other's footsteps. He was married too. Weren't his parents worried about that?

They didn't make a big deal about him going into the Navy. No, they were all worried about her. Even sent her to counseling. What a rip-off.

She was so much better than any of those girls there. She wasn't a psycho.

No, Caitlin got what she wanted. Her Roman. He was her Roman now. He would never be with another. Never.

About Now prt. 2

"You, are going to file charges?" Sky looked at Mitch's battered face. Mitch was still in the hospital recovering. "Aren't you?"

There was a warrant out for Derrick's arrest. As of yet, he hadn't been found. It was baffling to Sky as he studied a grim Mitch. Sky couldn't tell if  Mitch could open his swollen purple eye-lids. Maybe Mitch was still too out of it to be listening.

Sky felt so bitter and blue, himself. He felt as if he should have stayed home that night. Instead of being out with Josie.

Still, he hadn't had a laugh like that in a long time. Oh, it was nothing specific. Still, he did enjoy her company even if he was only keeping an eye on her for Dean. Or was he? He hadn't heard a word from Dean. Josie never spoke of him.

Sky felt as if he was on the edge of something with Josie, but what?

Naturally, his grandfather thought he should move. Still, a faint smile came to him when he remembered his grandfather asking him if Mitch was his boyfriend. Sky held in a laugh, even now. It was still surprising how little his grandfather really knew of him. Of course, he had to wonder if his grandfather knew his own son, Nico, was gay.

Sky pressed his lips tight. Some things he knew he couldn't do a thing about. Even for Mitch.

Maybe he couldn't get himself out of this, what he was feeling for Josie. Maybe, he didn't want too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Josie's good for him.


ellie said...

I think so too.

Sara Gerard said...

Holy drama batman!

Launna said...

Caitlin is a little driven...

Hmmm to Josie and Sky... I hope Mitch presses charges against Derrick... what is up with him...