Thursday, July 31, 2014

No more wishes

No More Wishes

Was it so terrible to want to be with Alo, a little longer?

Vada didn't really know if she could go back, and if she did...

She squinted hard thinking the worst while in bed next to Alo's hot body, turned away from her asleep.

 Oh, she was the worst as she set up and put her fingers to her eyes. They weren't even puffy. Why wasn't she crying? Maybe she was the ice queen, after all.

"What is it?" Alo jerked up. There went that bewildered look of Alo's.

Sometimes, he could be so smart and so grownup. Like he belonged here in Paris. As if he could run a business of gallivanting around with teenage girls. But now he looked so young. And rather goofy.

Vada felt so old and not a bit wiser, even if she was sitting on the edge his bed, making the room just as much hers as it was his.

Maybe, being together was not a good idea.

But it felt so right last night. As if she couldn't get in any worse trouble than she was already in. After all, Alo was the best part of this trip.

She gave in. It was that simple. Oh, her principles and goals of being all on her own were falling apart. First Dean. Now this.

Somehow, she felt stronger then. Not so much now. No, she'd done a very bad thing, that felt as if it was someone else who had done it. Not her. Not with Dean.

But this with Alo... was like the future. He was exactly where she wanted to be.

"Do you really have to know?" She squinted harder this time. She felt his weight  next to hers. She felt his arms come around her shoulders, and it was simply electric.

Vada wanted to feel numb, but she couldn't. No, he did make her happy. Happy in a way, she never completely felt with Joel. Maybe that was why she'd cheated on him. And now, he was off with..oh..did it really even matter?

"We're gonna get you home." Alo promised as he kissed the back of her shoulder. His voice was quiet as he told her his brother lived in New York City.

Didn't he see? She didn't want to go home.


Launna said...

Vada has to go home sometime... I am glad she is moving past with Alo :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They're adorable together.


ivy said...

I still think she might be taller than him in reality..but its sweet!