Friday, August 1, 2014

Summertime blues

Summertime Blues

Alo didn't really want to think about Vada leaving. Especially, when things were so amazing, between them. Finally.

A part of him wanted to laugh. Actually, he even found it hard to believe they'd come this far.

 He was pretty sure she hated him in the beginning. The way she made him feel he was even second guessing himself. Especially, about her.

Oh, there was that Nora thing. How she'd be peeved that everytime he looked at her he saw Nora.

Who was Nora, he asked himself now. He didn't really know her. She might as well have been a figment of his imagination.

Yes, she was like this teen idol in his head.... of the perfect girl. Even he knew, Nora wasn't perfect. After all, she did go off with his brother that one time last year. Which he absolutely hated. And maybe even hated the wrong person, his brother.

Alo hadn't spoken to Lars in a whole year. So it took a lot of energy to get his nerve up to call him. He needed his help.

He was not going to mention Vada faking her way to Paris. After all, that was Joel's doing. Of course, Joel was practically a tool now. And to think they'd once been..kind of friends.

Now he was on Vada's side and he felt more than a boyfriend or a lover to her. She was the one, and she had to know that by now. No way, was he going to leave her. But he did't want to give up the time they had left.

"I'm going to New York, with you." It was final.

Of course, he'd woke up in the wee morning hours, from a horrific dream that Vada was taken away as if she might be a natural born killer of some kind.

If only they could make it to the states.

He felt his chest tighten with excitement, already. Next thing he knew he was kissing her and it was just like last time, only better. Every time was better. Yes, maybe he was good at this sex stuff, after all. God knows, he wasn't going to tell her it was his first time.

He wouldn't dare question it. No, it was best to go on. Be with her as much as he could. Alo really didn't know what tomorrow would bring.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sometimes questions can be important for your sanity.


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