Saturday, August 2, 2014

a bitter road

A Bitter Road

Henry didn't know how many voice messages he left Vada, but the truth was she was ignoring him, and that made him furious.

He just didn't get it. They were friends. He would do anything for her,  now wouldn't he? And she hadn't let him.

He'd been in limbo with his mom and dad about her big Paris adventure. Perhaps it was only envy. He wanted to be there, for all the fashion. Of course, she told him it wasn't a big deal. Besides, that was over.  It wasn't like she'd be in any print up, here in the states. She'd only been in an advertising campaign about Marco's day dresses to some French boutique. If Marco was lucky, they would sell his dresses.

She sounded as if it were nothing. And she wasn't talking to him now. "The less you know, the better." Were her final words.

"Sounds like she's a spy, you know." He told Leo. Of course, Leo couldn't exactly comfort him. Wasn't like he had money either, to jump on a jet and go to Paris to find her.

In his dreams, they did. The two of them tracing Vada's steps in winding cobbled streets which became darker by the minute. And when he did find her, he didn't recognize her. She was not the Vada he remembered.

Henry wanted to shake her and shout, "What have you done with her?"

His phone rang. Finally, it was Vada.

"I'm in New York City." She sounded breathless, "Can you come?"

"Just like that?" How? He wondered? What did she do?

"Well?" She sounded demanding now, he wasn't sure if he liked her attitude.

"Only, if you talk to Mom." Luckily, he was home and so was his Mom.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Let's hope this goes well.


ivy said...

I like that Henry is full of envy. He is a mixed bag of emotions as usual.

Launna said...

Henry won't be so happy about Vada and Alo... I hope Alo came with her :)