Sunday, August 3, 2014

How it should be

How it Should Be

Willow tried not to be perturbed with Jonah. At least he was back, but with a wife.

"Are you sure?" She didn't mean to second guess him. Magz was really sweet and ever so quiet.

"I'm not an imbecile, you know." He was his usual butthead self. Well, he always would be to her, evidently. Even if they were very grown up and she and Jules were in their own house now.  As it was, he hadn't even congratulated her yet, about her pregnancy.

"Yes, we went through all the channels you go through with the marriage stuff. Gilly and Fiona were there." Jonah looked her in the eye. Still, she thought, he might be looking through her.

"You, could have told us earlier." Willow snapped. It wasn't often these days to have a chance to speak to him alone. He was always with Magz.

"It was a very short engagement." Jonah confessed.

"How do you know it will even work?" She watched him make coffee in the French Press Coffee pot. This was the way Magz liked her coffee. She'd brought her own. At least, she cleaned up after herself, but neither lasted long at their parents. It seemed they were itching to be on their own.

"How does anyone know?" He turned back to her a bit peeved as he waited for the hot water to take hold of the coffee.

She supposed he was right.

"I wish you would have told me." She sighed.

"Was I the first person you let know about the baby?" He didn't smile much. She wasn't sure if he were angry. It was always hard to tell.

"Jules told you." She swelled a frown as she went to use some of the hot water for a decaff tea.

"Yeah,  but I wanted to hear it from you, as well. You know, how you felt. If you were OK. That sort of thing." He sucked in a breath.

She never thought he would care. Maybe she'd done all the caring, and had never given him a chance.

"Look, you're staying for good? Is that it?" Willow didn't know if she really wanted those weekend dinners like she'd dreamed up when she was small, thinking they would both have families and out on their own..some day.

Jonah nodded.

"So do you think, you two will want an apartment or a house?" She'd already looked into some places available on her tablet.

"A house, most definitely." He smiled then as he told her how Magz liked gardening.

"Maybe we'll have dinner at your place then." Willow's smile grew. She knew she wanted to be happy for him. Of course, she still wondered if the two even consummated their relationship. God knows, she would never ask.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Willow will never know...


Ivy said...

hahaha...CAT EYES. My thoughts exactly.

Launna said...

Willow may never know the answer...