Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting around

Getting around

Alo wanted to believe Vada. He hoped Nora wasn't playing a cruel joke on him. It was like someone was playing with his imagination.

At first sight of Vada, all he could see was Nora. Maybe that was all he wanted to see, but the more he was with her... she was just V to him. And in spite of how happy she could be, he knew something was bothering her.

After all, they were friends and he would just have to wait for her to confide in him, or not.

He did know Joel had let her down. This whole trip was his idea. He was was the one who talked her into playing Nora. She would talk how worried she was. Especially, with the family she was staying with back home. They'd never want her now, she practically wailed in the middle of the night. He guessed she was awake and talking to herself. Really, she didn't want anything from Alo.

But she'd taken over his room. For the first time there was a girl staying over. His brother teased him that he still hadn't took the plunge. Of course, he never listened much to what Benji had to say, anyway.

Alo wasn't one to get his hopes up. And he didn't want to get V's hopes up, either. Especially, with this modeling gig.

"But if its a way I can pay you back, I want too." She said since she didn't know the language she was sure she couldn't suffice even as a waitress around here. "Besides, I never really had a job, just helping out my Foster Mom with the kids. Maybe, I could be a nanny." Yet that would take a background check, and she wasn't exactly old enough to be one. V was younger than Nora.

Alo assured her she didn't need to pay him anything. He was certain now, investigating the modeling gig was just a way to avoid the inevitable, calling home. Maybe if she did get the job, he'd do some homework of his own for her.


Launna said...

Oh... he likes Vada... she has a few guys that like her... I think her heart belongs elsewhere though :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope things go well for Vada.


Sara Gerard said...

Alo seems so sweet, I hope that they figure things out!