Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Henry guessed it was good to get away with Leo. They'd had a nice time out at the lake. It was quite a drive. Actually, all the way to Minnesota. There seemed to be a different breed of people there. The outdoorsy type. He wasn't sure he'd fit in, but the cabin was rustic and there was such beauty of the landscape that he probably would have overlooked if he hadn't been with Leo.

It was back to nature. Except, Leo was much more of a Boy Scout than Shan, his ex-boyfriend, would ever think to be. Henry and Leo went fishing and everything else that went along with fishing. No cell phones or other devices to fuss with. Just the joy of long hikes, swimming and of course, cuddling by the campfire to suffice.

Still no word from Vada. He'd tried his best to not think about her constantly. He knew Leo wouldn't want him to dwell on it. So he didn't.

But he knew his family was worried. Of course, his Mom was all hugs and kisses when he got back. She'd been worried, too. She'd been busy making brownies, homemade Mac N Cheese. All of Vada's favorites. She didn't want Vada to think they'd forgotten about her.

"I hope she's not scared to come home." Her Mom was pretty sure Vada could take care of herself. There was a certain hope she did sense. "I want her to call so badly."

His Mom was tired of waiting. She went back to work. She couldn't twiddle her thumbs, anymore. He assured her if anyone needed to go to Paris, it was her. "For a relaxing vacation."

But his mother didn't fret, told him they might all end up there if Vada didn't find her way home soon. There was a hope that she was with Joel, at least.

Henry was alone when the house phone rang.

He picked up.

"Is this the Munro residence?" A foreign accent asked.

"You know, something about Vada?" Henry tensed. Finally, someone acknowledged they were with Vada.

"Why can't I talk to her?" Henry squinted hard, thinking the worst. Vada went all the way to Paris to get abducted.

"She's..kind of busy," Alo said. "I haven't told her...Look, I did some digging on the net, while she's..she's modeling."

"What?" Henry was furious. Perhaps a bit envious. "What are you talking about?"

"I've been waiting around. Didn't have anything else better to do. She mentioned your family. And I thought you should know she's OK." Aloe told him.

Henry wanted to know everything. He wanted to know how she got there. How Joel got her there by impersonating his sister? Henry found the whole thing mind boggling. Just when was Vada coming home?


Launna said...

I am glad that Alo called to let them know Vada was okay... it probably won't stop them from worrying but at least they have an idea how she is and they know where Vada is :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

The last thing Henry needs is more worry.