Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maybe it'll be better next time

Maybe it'll be better Next Time

Abel was everything Angie wanted in a boyfriend. He was sweet, very perceptive, loyal with such honorable character.

If only he wasn't four going on 24, sometimes. She was happy she had this gig to babysit this summer. At least, she enjoyed his company and it was stable everyday of the week.

It wasn't that way with Sawyer.

She wasn't exactly sure what they were. God knows, she wouldn't discuss it with Tony nor even Lena.

She'd decided she would let it run its course. This little adventure which might have gone too far, especially if Tony knew. But really, she hadn't given up her virginity to Sawyer.

Still, it was nothing like she'd planned. Not that she'd made a list nor written a rule book. She guessed she thought it might be something like she'd felt for Max.

No, there was something mysterious about Sawyer. Maybe she wanted to see how far it would go. Of course, she hadn't planned for it to go this far. And now she felt as if she was living a double life.

Thankfully, there was always Abe to bring her back to reality. He would take her hand, always show her something new he'd made for her, even if it were out of play-dough or Legos And she would smile again, as if there was this hope. A hope of a real love that existed. And she'd feel it again, and all these troubled feelings she had with Sawyer would dissolve and she might be who she used to be.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things work out for her.


Ivy said...

Maybe she is growing up. Relationships are never perfect. Maybe its a good thing she knows that Sawyer isn't perfect yet she can love him anyway.

ellie's desk said...

Oh, sometimes its easy to fall for fast too. And then you wake up and have to ponder if this is what it truly is. She ans Sawyer really need to talk about what they want out of a relationship.

Launna said...

I feel for her... relationships are tough and not knowing how someone feels about you is tough too...