Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gearing up for the Unkown

Gearing up for the Unknown

Nora had made it this far. New York City.

Actually, it was a bit of a blur. Had it really happened? Was Greyson already gone? It was just boot camp.

She still couldn't believe he enlisted without even asking her. Oh, she was so mad. She wanted to make a fuss, kicking and screaming perhaps, but that really wouldn't have done either of them any good. Instead, she wanted to be with him.

And she didn't care what his parents might say. Of course, they were busy with Caitlin and all her problems. Perhaps, they thought Greyson could suffice some how. So she called in sick the next day and they stayed home. Her home in the little room at the boarding house.

They could talk, and she focused on all that he was hoping to accomplish, being in the Navy. She was glad he didn't take the football scholarship, after all.

Funny, how he knew it was a dumb move, but he didn't want to be dumb by making the wrong move, either.

"I know you're thinking I'm making all this up. And I know I never had an official injury but, sometimes, I just feel so beat up from football. That can't be the only thing I live for." He told her and she didn't want him hurt.

Even now she didn't want him hurt.

Of course, he'd done fine with all the swimming in the Navy. He'd been a Lifeguard, after all. Still, it didn't keep him from watching someone drown, that he'd tried to help.

She read his letters over and over, and she felt as if her life was standing still. Each time, he'd end a letter with..."I think you need to see your mother and tell her everything."

So, she decided she'd meet up with Joel in Paris, even if she couldn't get a hold of him. She would surprise her mother. After all, there was a lot to talk about. She would be taking more college classes in the fall. Of course, it would be more general classes. She was thinking of going into finance or something along that line.

But her life was changing and she wanted to have a plan too.

Unfortunately, she was held up at the airport. Something wasn't quite right. Perhaps the passport was outdated she had. Well, it was actually out-dated. At least they didn't haul her off to jail.

But she'd made it to New York City and here she was at the airport, feeling more lost than she'd ever felt before.

She went through her contacts on her iPhone wondering if she should call her dad. Still no luck with Joel. It went straight to voice mail.

"Hey, Nora, what are you doing here?" She heard a voice that wasn't quite familiar to her.


Nora stared at his dark eyes. She almost smiled, but felt she shouldn't. It was good to see a friendly face. She guessed.

"I dunno." She shrugged. This was so weird seeing someone she'd only known over the years when she was in Europe. Actually, they'd been more than friends last summer when she was in Paris. She knew Lars and his brother Alo. "Um, well, I guess I thought I could get to Paris."

"I could try to help." He was serious, dressed in a suit and tie. "I'm actually just getting back from a business trip." He sighed, as if he was remembering last summer with that sly smile of his.

"I don't think you can." She shook her head, not wanting to think about last summer with him.

"Why not?" His impish grin prevailed as if maybe they could pick up where they'd left off.

"Cause, that's not my name anymore." She finally admitted. She showed him her old passport with a picture of her from middle school.

"You changed your name?" He looked at her as if that was rotten April Fool's Joke, just a little too late.

"Yeah," she smiled ever so endearing. "I got married."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Definitely a shock for him.


deb said...

Oh WHAT a Surprise!

ivy said...

That's a shocker.

Launna said...

That was a good twist....;-)