Friday, July 25, 2014

fading about

Fading About

Mitch honestly thought things were better with Derrick. It had been a while since Derrick went off on him, about anything. Or had it? Was he claiming those moments like weeks or months ago when it was only a few days? Yes, maybe he was numb when it came to Derrick.

He'd figured out it was the alcohol. Not Derrick. And if they could be in alcohol-free situations, everything was going to be OK. There was this hope that Mitch couldn't overlook. Yet, at times, he found himself wondering what he could do to make things better.

Still, he wasn't going to ask Sky to move out.

Of course, he had to listen to Sky go off on Derrick. About how Derrick wasn't right for him. He'd heard the arguments. In the end, Sky always kept at Mitch that he deserved better.

Honestly, though, Mitch didn't see this coming. Derrick didn't look drunk when he showed up. Still, he wasn't expecting Derrick. Mitch got off work. He was going to chill with some Anime on TV, and then go to bed.

Funny, how Mitch remembered still being in his white socks. If maybe he'd had shoes on, he would have ran.

It was the same old story. What was going on with him and Sky? Mitch came back with, "How many times do I have to tell you, nothing." Before he could get the words out that Sky was with Josie and how he got the clerk job at the library...


Right in the eye. Derrick had him against the wall with the right arm and pounding him with the left. It was like Derrick was on autopilot.

It was true, Mitch was never much of a fighter, but he always stayed clear of those situations, until now.

Until now.

He could feel himself floating away. Here at the hospital.  A part of himself felt his back was stuck to the ceiling in the hospital room, yet he could see himself unconscious. His face looked so grim in blue and purple. He saw that his mother was there. His father and sister. They didn't say anything, but they looked as if this was the worst moment ever.

Mitch could hear voices out in the hallway. He felt himself drifting toward the conversation. There was Sky with some male nurse.

"I should have known this was going to happen." Sky winced as if he should have done more.

"You, can only do so much." The male nurse sighed as he stood next to Sky. They were drinking hospital coffee. "At least, you got him here. I'm glad, you, talked to Dad. He'll make sure they get this guy, and he'll get what's coming to him."

"Gramps, isn't even on the police force, anymore." Sky squinted as he hugged himself.

"He's got connections." The male nurse smirked as he nursed his coffee.

"Nico, how come you never became a cop?" Sky smirked back.

"The same reason you'll never be a cop." The nurse reminded. "He's a hard act to follow."

Their conversation faded. Mitch felt himself drop back into his body. He awoke suddenly even if he felt the excruciating pain engulfing him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I truly hope Mitch pulls through this.


Launna said...

I hope Mitch gets through this and tells Derrick to get lost...:-/

ivy said...

Oh, I do hope he will be on the mend.