Thursday, July 24, 2014

up all night

Up All Night

Josie didn't want to be crazy about someone, but she sort of was. It wasn't easy pacing herself with Sky.

Why was it so easily to fall in love? She wasn't exactly over Dean, was she?

She'd vowed early on she was not going to fall in love with anyone for a very long time. And then Sky needed her. As a friend. She'd confessed this not only to best friends, Daisy and Halie, even to her mom. She and Sky were just friends. They would only be friends.

After all, he hadn't even made a move. And she wasn't.

No, she hoped this feeling of hers would run its course and maybe... she would occasionally see him. Maybe.

But he'd taken her out. It was all so easy. She didn't even change. She was pretty sure she still smelled like the food from work. Naturally, he told her, she smelled like a cupcake. And she didn't think it was a come on, either. He was just being Sky.

He wasn't like most guys. He didn't smell like cheap aftershave. No, there was more of a scent of old books and the sweet grass of summer, about him. She could imagine him only using homemade soups of tree oils or honey and oatmeal. But when she asked, he said he only bought the inexpensive kind at the dollar store.

Of course, he only traveled by foot or his bicycle. The guy didn't even have a car. Was this the guy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with?

Still, there was a certain potential she found in him. Yet, she didn't want to be in love. She would not be in love with him. When was she going to wake up to this fact?

When he called her, she wasn't sure she should answer it.

"Look, I just talked to you 30 minutes ago." She was being a tad sarcastic. As it was, she hadn't got ready for bed. And it was way after midnight. And she wished she was still with him. And maybe he wished the same thing. Maybe, he was right outside her door.

"I know." He sounded out of breath. "Have you... seen Derrick tonight?" He sounded tense, maybe even sad.


"If.if..if he tries to get in, don't let him." Sky told her.

"What are you talking about?" Josie winced.

"I'm at the hospital with Mitch, and I'm pretty sure it was Derrick who..who beat him up." Sky told her. "I just want you to be safe. OK?"

"OK?" Josie was in shock.

"I know its my fault." He sighed. "I know Derrick doesn't like me. He..." Sky was quiet then. "I've heard him yell at Mitch, about me. He thinks something is going on, between Mitch and me. But its not. Nothing is going on. Mitch is a really good friend, who let me move in."

She knew Sky was crying. Mitch was in surgery.

"Look, I'm on my way." She didn't want him to be alone. She promised him she'd let her Mom and Duncan know what was up with Derrick. After all, Derrick did live at their house even if they didn't see much of him. Hopefully, the cops would pick Derrick up before he did anything else.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This is getting scary!


ivy said...

I hope Derrick won't go after Josie.

deb said...

I would definitely be frightened.

Launna said...

Awe... Josie likes Skye too ♡

I hope Derrick doesn't do more damage...