Friday, July 11, 2014

talking it over

Talking it Over prt.1

"You're giving me the heebee jeebees." Josie pushed Sky away as he was handing her  a diet Dr. Pepper from the soda machine.

"What? The bed bugs?" He grinned. "They got that taken care of last night when the library closed." He assured her.

"Why were, you so pissed with that guy on the laptop?" Sky kept smiling. He didn't really know why she made him smile so. She had that affect on him. Actually, he could watch her all day, and he was certain his silly smile would not go away.

He bit his bottom lip, trying to be serious. He finally, opened the diet soda for her.

"For starters, that's my laptop. His girlfriend wanted to talk to him." She hugged herself as she finally took the cold drink.

"Can't he pick up a phone?" Skye squinted.

"They needed some face time." She shrugged. "She is my friend. I'm not sure why."

"Is she like under house arrest, or something?" Sky asked as he sipped his Pepsi.

"Pregnant and in England."

"Oh." Well, he best stop with the questions. After all, he hadn't been very helpful to Mitch, either. Especially, when it came to Derrick.

Talking it over prt. 2

Mitch didn't know what to expect anymore from Derrick. Naturally, Derrick was happy to see him that night after the house party shooting. Mitch had to take some people home too. Of course, Derrick didn't want to go back and check in with the police.

"We don't know anything. I didn't see anything." Derrick started to tense that night, and Mitch let it go. It was always that way. Mitch would be the calm one. Not react. But this was scary.

"I dunno why, you even went to that party." Mitch hated that Derrick lied to him. Mitch thought Derrick was at work.

 Derrick didn't want to talk about it, and Mitch decided to just be quiet. He didn't want to be in another fight with him.

That night, Derrick stayed over and all was perfectly calm. By morning, it was as if there was no House party.

Maybe the shooting was like a wake up call. Derrick would be done with his OFF THE WAGON (as he called it.)

But of course, Sky thought differently.

"You know, you deserve better." He'd told him that morning over cereal while Derrick was sleeping in. "You need to tell him, its over..before its... too late."

"What do you think is going to happen?" Mitch didn't understand.

"I dunno." Sky was straight lipped. "He's kind of crazy." He knew about the arguments.

"Come on, we don't argue that much." Mitch sighed.

"You have to stop talking yourself out of it. He's a bad boyfriend. You, never come first. And he always comes first. And he knows it."

Mitch didn't really want to listen to Sky, but he did have a point. Yes, Derrick always came first, but they'd made it this far. He didn't want to give up. It could be perfect. Weren't relationships full of compromises, anyway?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Compromises are fine; but you never want to compromise so much that you lose your sense of self.


ivy said...

I'm glad Sky is worried about Mitch.

Launna said...

Relationships are full of compromise... but only if it is a two way street... not one person makes all the compromises... Mitch needs to let Derrick go...