Saturday, July 12, 2014

back where it started from

Back Where it Started From prt. 1

Oliver didn't know what he'd do when he saw Kayla. Possibly, faint, but of course, Avery fell into her arms right away at the airport. And he let them be.

He told his father and step-mother all about Ian and Jama's new baby. Eric was there and they all gathered around as if they wanted to hear his news. He suspected they might all hate Kayla. It wasn't quite what he expected. Especially, when she drove him home.

They didn't speak. He wasn't up to it. Besides there was Avery to distract her, and he wanted to get to the shop. Maybe he was really avoiding home.

Of course, the shop was more fresh than he expected.

"What have they done to the place?" It didn't feel like his bakery. But there were customers, feasting on shepherd's pie.

He noticed the pictures. Close ups of his scones and short breads and other sweets. Oliver didn't get it. Why take photos of his treats? It was in a nostalgic color, as well. He snarled his nose. He didn't like it at all. Jules never said a thing about it.

"Its so nice, isn't it?" Vera was happy to see him. She was running the cash registor.

"I suppose." He hugged himself, thinking they could get by without him. Willow took the initiative, he bet. Maybe she'd want to buy him out. He wouldn't have to unload a thing. Just go back home. Because, this certainly didn't feel like home.

"We've missed, you so much." Vera's smile was endearing. She wanted to hear all about his trip.

He thanked her for managing while he was gone. Naturally, she gave credit that photographer for being such a helping hand. She said Garvin's name. Oliver really thought he might pass out. Garvin was here, working in the kitchen?

Back Where It Started From prt. 2

"Well, did you, at least tell him.. that you loved him?" Kayla's real mother wanted to know, as she took to Avery  when they got back to the flat.

"We're hardly friends, mom." Kayla was serious. She knew he'd never forgive her. What was the point of him even being here?

Kayla looked at Avery, wondering if she could actually manage Avery, on her own. She'd grown so much. She was this little lady now.

When Oliver wasn't busy downstairs, he always took charge of Avery. Kayla guessed it would be awful if she told Oliver to leave. But she was not really a patient person, even if she'd been rather patience, lately, with this pregnancy.

For the first time, she actually felt fragile. As if her breathing alone could go crazy at the smallest ailment. She'd had a cold from the moment they told her she was pregnant. Yes, she would need Oliver. She would.

But could she really appreciate him?

She felt numb at the moment. But he hadn't actually smiled, either. She was waiting for him to be nice to her. Of course, he was always nice to her, and she usually snubbed him, as if that was not enough.

He couldn't expect her to be all thoughtful and sweet now. Especially, when she ignored him the best she could.

"How in the world did you ever conceive that baby?" Her mother's question startled her.

Kayla's perturbed glare didn't have anything to explain. "It was an accident. All right?" Winter was cold and restless, and she was in a deep dream of some kind at the time. It was as if Oliver had never been there, but he was. And a lot more healthier than her. On that back breaking schedule of his. Yes, he had to know there wasn't all that much for him here.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Way to put Kayla on the spot!


ivy said...

Oh..Kayla..I don't think she wants to fix this.

Launna said...

That is quite the thing for Kayla's mother to say to her...